Stainless Steel Dental Crown

July 16, 2015

Stainless Steel Dental Crown
9-year-old child with metal crowns
Stainless Steel Dental Crown
Stainless Steel Metal Dental Crown
Metal Crowns

Among the different kind of dental crowns available, stainless steel metal crowns are preferred by many dentists for restoring baby teeth. These restorations offer a perfect fit over teeth and are used to cap deep cavities. They help to prevent further decay in children who find it difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Metal Crown Types

There are different types of stainless steel dental crowns.

  1. Straight sides. These have margins following gingival contours which can be trimmed as required. They need to be contoured and crimped by the dentist.
  2. Pre-crimped or pre-formed. In these kinds the gingival crimp is provided by the manufacturer and they cannot be adjusted. In this case, the dentist prepares the teeth according to the selected crown.
  3. Open faced. These are used for front teeth and have a layer of plastic on the front to make them more aesthetic.

Why are stainless steel dental crowns preferred?

Usually, stainless steel dental crowns act as a cheaper and simpler alternative to fillings, both, tooth colored and amalgam. These are the preferred option in case of large cavities, development disorders of the teeth or when the pulp has been removed. The crowns made from this material are long lasting and are therefore the first choice where fillings need to last for more than 2 years. As these have a smooth and polished surface, keeping these crowns clean is also easy.

They are most commonly used with children to restore baby teeth and make provision of space for permanent teeth. They naturally fall out when baby teeth fall out. A reason for their popularity is that these are quite cost effective. Besides, installing these is relatively simple and does not require repeated visits. Being easy to place, patients who are unable to cooperate ideally are perfect candidates for these crowns. They can also be used where bleeding of the gums is not fully controlled.

They are also used for adults as a temporary crown, till the actual dental crown is manufactured by the laboratory.


Stainless steel crowns may be lasting but a major drawback with them is esthetics. Thus, they are normally preferred for the back teeth. However, open faced steel crowns can be used for the front teeth. Even then, they have a somewhat bulky look and the steel outline still remains visible. Besides this, the cost as well as installation time increases for aesthetic steel crowns.


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