Step-by-Step Guide: Tips on How to Write a Dental Essay

October 17, 2020

Step-by-Step Guide: Tips on How to Write a Dental Essay
Step-by-Step Guide: Tips on How to Write a Dental Essay

Do you dream of becoming a top-notch dentist someday?  Dental students go through some of the most rigorous academic work in any discipline. The coursework is demanding because much is expected from a qualified dentist. Writing excellent essays is part of the coursework just like in other courses.  When the coursework is too heavy, you can buy cheap essay and engage the services of professionals to assist you in generating perfect dental essays.


Step 1: The Essay Topic

Dental medicine is a broad subject, which gives you plenty of options in picking an essay topic. You will also find lots of research material if you have to work with a given essay topic.  The 3 broad areas of dental care to write about are;


#1 Basic dental hygiene

Some of the topics here would be;
• The correct use of a toothbrush
• Must-have ingredients of healthy toothpaste
• How to pick the correct dental products for different people
• Dental hygiene for very young children
• Making dental experiences friendlier


#2 Dental health and dieting

You can write on;
• Different foods and their impacts on dental health
• Food supplements for healthy dental 
• Children diets for healthy dental development
• Proper nutrition to avoid dental loss in old age


#3 Dental ailments

Some of the topics here would include;
• Identifying early symptoms of common dental ailments and their causes
• Explaining common dental ailments such as cavities and gingivitis
• Highlighting uncommon dental conditions such as bruxism
• Explaining different dental procedures to treat dental ailments
There is a variety of topics to write from these three broad areas.  However, you are not confined to these three areas. You can write on what you see fit, or work with a given essay topic.



Step 2: Research

Writing an essay is easy when you have taken the time to research and gather supporting material for your essay.  While the internet is full of information, you should also extend your research to special research databases e.g. Web of Science.
You can also reach out to professionals who write essay for money to supplement your research. This would take much of the research load off your shoulders while enriching what you already have.


Step 3: Writing a Rough Draft

This is the basic structure for any essay;

• Introduction – This is where you introduce the topic and the one or two hypotheses your essay is proving or disproving
• Body – This is where you make your arguments.  You can do a paragraph for each argument.   Support your argument with statistics, field data, and past arguments that support your points. An essay typically has 2-3 body paragraphs. Keep the required essay length in mind.
• Conclusion – This is a summary of your whole essay.  Ensure to tie your arguments to prove or disprove your hypothesis.


Step 4: Citations

All work that you use that is not originally yours should be cited and attributed. This includes internet sources. Ensure to use proper formatting e.g. AMA when doing the citations.


Step 5: Edit and submit

Always go over your first draft carefully. Check for missing information, gaps in evidence, and incoherent statements. Have a friend look at the essay before submitting it.
Writing essays is part of every student’s life. It is inescapable. What you can do is take time to understand the basics of good essay writing. Your academic life becomes considerably easier when you internalize good essay writing skills.


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