Study Dentistry Abroad: The Basics and Best Schools

August 26, 2021

Study Dentistry Abroad: The Basics and Best Schools
Study Dentistry Abroad: The Basics and Best Schools

Dentistry is one of the most popular medical professions. The number of students interested in studying dentistry around the world increases every year. That's why getting into dental education programs can be difficult. And earning a quality college degree becomes especially important for job success.


In this article, you will learn about the best places to get a dental education abroad and what the study of dentistry is all about.

The Basics of Studying Dentistry

You can study dentistry abroad at colleges, dental schools, and universities. The quality of education you receive will determine your future specialization. Besides the exams, the applicant needs to write a motivation letter. Some medical universities and schools consider this assignment more strictly, others – less.

Anyway, the motivation letter gives the entrant the opportunity to show what knowledge and experience he has already acquired, and to demonstrate the skills needed in medicine.

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The three main specialties in dentistry are dental assistant, cosmetic dentist, and dentist.

Dental assistant studying

A dental assistant is a lower-level specialist in the profession. It usually takes 1-2 years to earn a diploma or associate's degree in this specialty. A secondary special education degree, which can be obtained from a college, technical school, or dental school, is sufficient to do this job.
To obtain a specialty, students study such subjects as the concept of clinical practice, dental assistance, medical ethics and principles, oral radiography, infection control, and dental materials.

Cosmetic dentistry studying

To begin working as an esthetic dentist, one must have at least an associate's degree. It takes 2-3 years to obtain such a qualification. But, for career advancement, development, and a good salary, such an education is usually not enough.

Most students receive a bachelor's or master's degree in cosmetic dentistry. This qualifies them to practice not only medicine but also teaching and research.


Undergraduate programs last 4 years and graduate programs last 2 years. The academic program includes subjects such as clinical practice, dental anatomy, clinical hygiene, periodontology, dental radiology, oral pathology, etc.

Dentistry Studying

Training in the specialty of dentistry is the most serious and time-consuming in the field of dentistry. Obtaining an academic qualification usually takes 4 years or more, after which most young dentists go on to work practice, which lasts 2 to 6 years. Throughout their training, students learn both the theory and practice of working with patients.

The two most common academic qualifications in the specialty are the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and the Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). To obtain a qualification, it is necessary to study such disciplines as clinical practice and medical ethics, immunology, infection control, dental surgery, oral periodontics and radiology, orthodontics, anesthesiology, etc.

Many students want to study dentistry. To enter the course, you usually have to take an extra entrance exam, such as the Dental Admission Test (DAT). After graduation and work experience, you also need to take the test and get the license required to begin practicing dentistry. In the United States, for example, you must take the National Board Dental Examination.

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The Best Dental Schools

A young dentist needs to have a specialized education for successful employment. Even more important is the qualification in a prestigious educational institution. In a highly competitive professional environment, a degree from an in-demand institution automatically increases a dentist's chances of building a serious career.

Recognized dental schools in the world include:

School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina, USA

The school is known worldwide for its high level of teaching and research. Students learn all aspects of the dental theory as well as comprehensive practice in treating real patients. Renowned scientists and practicing dentists directly supervise the teaching.

King's College, United Kingdom

Studying at the college is a great start for any young dentist. The college is located in London and is considered to be one of the best institutions of its kind in the UK. Here, students receive training from the best educators, access to unique academic materials and practice opportunities. King's College offers bachelor's and master's degrees as well as full-time work experience.

School of Dentistry, University of Queensland, Australia

The school's academic programs are practice-oriented, making them particularly rewarding for students. Students receive a high-quality education as well as extensive hands-on experience with patients. The equipment of the school includes advanced medical devices and technologies. This school is also famous for research in the field of diagnosis and prevention of various diseases of the oral cavity and teeth.

In conclusion

Studying dentistry should not be perceived by an international student as a trivial matter. The reputation of the school a student graduates from influences its career development and employment opportunities. The modern student has enough offers from online academic writing help. But in spite of this, finding a competent writer sometimes turns out to be a difficult task.
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