Teeth Aligners: Exploring their Benefits and Cost in India

May 02, 2024

Teeth Aligners: Exploring their Benefits and Cost in India
Teeth Aligners: Exploring their Benefits and Cost in India

Teeth Aligners

Earlier, metal braces were the most common way to align crooked teeth. But now you can align your teeth with a modern method using teeth or clear aligners. These aligners are also known as clear aligners, invisible aligners or invisible braces. They can straighten mild to moderate orthodontic issues better than traditional braces and give you a desired smile makeover.
These modern dental aligners claim to offer a convenient tooth straightening journey over traditional options. Listed below are the advantages of teeth aligners and the factors that determine teeth aligners' cost in India.
Advantages of Teeth Aligners:


1)Invisible: When you wear these aligners, they appear undetectable because they are made of transparent plastic. On the other hand, traditional braces are visible and uncomfortable. 
2)Aesthetics: As these aligners are transparent, they do not make you feel embarrassed or look awkward when you wear them. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere without any hesitation. 
3)Material: Aligner material is safe and secure to use. It is biocompatible and non allergic. It is a good option for people with metal allergies. Therefore, choosing teeth aligners from reputable brands with certified materials is advisable for assured results. 
4)Convenient: Aligners are more comfortable than metal braces. They have a smooth surface that does not cause soreness in your mouth. They are adaptable and easy to wear and remove. You can comfortably wear these aligners for the required 22 hours or more. 
5)Perfect Fit: Clear aligners are custom-made to ensure a tight and comfortable fit over your teeth. Your dentist scans your mouth and sends them to the lab for custom-made aligners. The lab prepares custom-made aligners that give you a perfect fit. 
6)Detachable: You can eat and drink everything you want freely with clear aligners. They do not impose any diet restrictions as traditional braces. You can remove the aligners before eating and wear them after your meals.  
7)Easy to Maintain: Aligners are simple to maintain and easy to clean. You can wear and remove the aligners with ease as they are flexible. When not in use, you can store your aligners in the aligner box. Wash them in warm water and give them a quick rinse before you put them back in your mouth.  
8) Dental Health: Aligners allow you to keep your oral health intact. Since they are removable, you can brush and floss in a regular way. There are fewer chances of getting oral issues with aligners. Meanwhile, with metal braces, food gets stuck in the metal wires and braces and may cause tooth decay. It is possible to keep your oral health in good shape during your aligner treatment. 
9)Reduced Number of Dental Visits: When you begin your aligner treatment, you get a set of aligners that you need to change as per your treatment plan. Aligner treatments do not require adjustments, such as metal braces. Hence, you can change the aligners as per your treatment plan and visit your dentist for routine checkups. It allows your dentist to monitor your treatment and make any necessary changes. There are fewer visits with aligners than with other treatment methods. They do not use wires or brackets that can break or cause cuts and soreness. 
10) Predictable: An expert orthodontist or dentist can plan your aligner treatment with the help of computer software in advance. They scan your mouth and use the scans to prepare the treatment plan and analyze the treatment time and number of aligners needed for your case. You can see your future smile before you start your treatment! 
Factors that Affect Teeth Aligners' Price in India:

The price of teeth aligners in India may vary depending on the following variables:

Brand: Branded aligners would cost you more as they use better quality materials and hold a proven track record of successful cases.  
Severity of Case: The treatment time for severely crooked teeth can be longer than mild misalignments. The longer the treatment time, the more the aligner treatment cost. Hence, the cost of aligner treatment can also differ based on the complexity of your case. 
Sets of Aligners: Every case has unique needs, and the number of aligner sets varies according to the case's needs. Some may only need minor alignment, while others may require major changes. You would pay less for the cases that need fewer aligners than the ones that need more sets. 
Dentist's Expertise: Your dentist can charge you more for their skill and expertise. An expert orthodontist looks after your teeth correction problems. If you want guaranteed results, it is best to see an expert. This may be contributing to the rise in the overall cost of care. 
Location of Dental Clinic: Dental clinics based in urban areas may charge you more for the facilities and the use of advanced technology. On the other hand, dental clinics in interior areas or small towns might charge you less.  

Aligner treatment is the latest and most advanced way for teeth straightening. Teeth aligners cost in India is higher than that of other options as they have several benefits. They use advanced technology to craft aligners and prepare the entire treatment plan. Your dentist can help you budget for your aligner treatment by looking into EMI options. It can reduce your financial load and lower the cost of your care.


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