Teeth whitening - post whitening advice

September 14, 2014

Teeth whitening - post whitening advice
In Surgery Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening with Special Trays

Fight Sensitivity


After the in surgery tooth whitening procedure it is normal to experience some sensitivity, this varies from person to person.  Some may experience generalised sensitivity whilst others will have single teeth which are sensitive.


To combat sensitivity we recommend having trays made for the upper and lower arches, and a syringe of relief gel after the tooth whitening appointment. You have to place the relief gel in to the trays and wear overnight if possible, if not at least 2hr per day.


If you do not have trays, smear the gel over the sensitive surfaces of the teeth.  This is not as effective and you may need to re-apply the gel often during the day.

Continue to use a sensitive toothpaste i.e. Sensodyne or Colgate Total Relief.



Post Whitening Diet – The White Diet


We recommend that you stick to a white diet for at least a week after having the in surgery tooth whitening.

A white diet means avoiding foods and drinks with any pigmentation in. This could include the following:

  1. Red wine
  2. Coloured drinks, stick to Water and Milk
  3. Coffee (both decaffeinated and normal)
  4. Tomato based sauces
  5. Curries
  6. Blackberries, blueberries
  7. Beetroot

It is also important to remember not to:

  1. Smoke (for 3 weeks)
  2. Wear coloured lipstick and gloss



If you have any further questions please feel free to ring your dentist and we will be happy to help



Using Your Home Bleaching Kit


  1. Clean your teeth thoroughly prior to using the bleaching trays, this includes inter-dental cleaning
  2. Place the nozzle/applicator on to the syringe of bleach, dispel a small amount on to some tissue and throw away
  3. Using small amounts (about half the size of a small pea) place in to each individual tooth on both the upper and lower trays
  4. Only place bleach in to the front ten teeth, anything else is a waste as you do not see the molar teeth in a natural smile line.
  5. Wear the trays for 1 hour every day
  6. After wearing the trays remove from the mouth and rinse/swill with plain water
  7. Clean the trays thoroughly with cool water and toothpaste and a medium bristle brush-not your own regular toothbrush!
  8. Store the trays in a safe place (fridge) with the bleach (bleach syringes must be kept cool)
  9. Remember to  keep to a white diet whilst using the trays. No red wine, coffee, tea, tomato based sauces, curries, lipsticks, especially do not smoke



How Long Should I Use My Home Bleaching Trays For


  1. We advise that you should start using the bleaching trays on the same evening after having the in surgery treatment
  2. We recommend using the  trays for one hour each evening for no longer than two weeks (14 applications)
  3. It is advisable to take two weeks off from bleaching the teeth, in this time if any sensitivity occurs, continue to use the trays with the Relief Gel instead of bleach
  4. Continue to combine 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with the bleaching trays until you have reached your desired effect
  5. Once you have reached the desired shade, use the trays every 6 months for 3 consecutive days (1hr per day) to maintain results



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