The Best Solution for Missing or Broken-Down Teeth in 2022

July 28, 2022

The Best Solution for Missing or Broken-Down Teeth in 2022
The Best Solution for Missing or Broken-Down Teeth in 2022

You cannot smile and your confidence is destroyed if you have a damaged tooth or missing teeth, which is regarded as nothing less than a sort of trauma. Eating hard foods like candies or ice cubes, falling, suffering a tooth fracture, or having a cavity are a few of the leading causes of tooth breakage.


The best part is that modern dentistry uses cutting-edge tech to provide answers for the majority of oral issues. Throughout the world, dental services are available to serve people who require emergency dental care. If a patient has a cracked or broken tooth, all they need to do is schedule an appointment with a dentist Portsmouth right away. Their best course of action for treating the condition will be expertly advised by the dentist.

Choices for repairing a broken tooth or Missing tooth

If you're missing a tooth, or if your natural teeth are broken down, there are a number of dental solutions that can help you.

1. Crown

Crowns can be helpful for completely covering the damaged area. They provide an easy fix for cracked teeth. They repair the tooth's form and structure and are firmer than veneers. Crowns are generally built of metal, porcelain, and ceramic. Dentists believe that restoring or repairing damaged or rotting teeth is the safest course of action.

2. Veneers

Custom-colored shells are created from porcelain or composite resin. The most well-liked restorative and aesthetic method for enhancing your smile is veneers. Veneers are the preferred solution if the loss of a tooth has made you reluctant to smile. Addressing oral and aesthetic problems is the goal of dental treatment.

3. Implants in teeth

It is a lengthy operation used to repair fractured teeth, especially those that are close to the gum line. The procedure for replacing an implant with a fractured tooth is straightforward.

4. Bonding

Bonding is frequently regarded as the least complex dental operation for a broken tooth. Dentists can fix and enhance the tooth's structure with a simple composite material chip. The composite molding is then hardened by a blue light, which also secures the tooth.

5. Root canal

The infectious pulp can grow in the empty space left by a fractured or cracked tooth, which is dangerous. In this circumstance, dentists advise a root canal to treat the shattered teeth. To stop the spread of infections, the infection is first removed, and then a crown is put in place.

6. Filling

Dentists utilize fillings as one of the safest dental treatments to repair fractured teeth. The restorative substance is used by the dentist to temporarily mend cracked or broken teeth. If your tooth has a cavity, the dental procedure is advantageous. Both the pain and the cost are minimal.

7. Sealants for teeth

Dental sealants shield your sick and damaged teeth and are excellent for filling tooth holes. Additionally, sealants serve as a barrier against the bacteria that harms your teeth and causes cavities. Your premolars and molars' back surfaces are coated with a dental sealant by your dentist.

Final Words

These are a few recommended options for those who have missing teeth or broken down teeth or toots that are not functioning as well as they should. There are many options available today, and with the pace of technological advancement, it is likely that we will see more options in the future.


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