Tips to stop hair loss with Regaine

January 08, 2019

Tips to stop hair loss with Regaine
Using Regaine for hair loss - before and after photos
Regaine foam. Regaine is also known as Rogaine
Minoxidil is the active ingredient of Regaine. This photo shows a patient after a daily use of Regaine daily. A picture is taken at the first day, after two weeks and after six months.
Regaine for men. This medicament prevents hair loss and stimulates the hair follicles.

Rogaine or Regaine, is basically getting the same product with the same effect, and the same active ingredient from the same producer under different trade names. Hair loss is a necessary routine for healthy hair growth, as it is a system by which dormant hair is shed off to allow for growth of new strands.

As necessary as this routine is, when there is an excess loss of hair it becomes a condition in need of treatment, with hairs that have not experienced this condition, it is very important that preventive measures are taken.

Hair makes up an important aspect of any individual's personality. It brings out not only beauty but also the hidden unspoken attitudes while highlighting your best features and complementing those that are barely existent.

Hair loss is a result of many predisposing factors, some of which are controllable, others, not so much. Why does hair fall?  The hair is another very delicate organ that needs to be fed and taken care of just like every other part of the body, when not taken care of in this manner, it will fall.

Possible reasons for your hair loss

Some reasons for hair fall and how to prevent them are highlighted below

● Stress - work, school, social life, all take its different toll on us, the primary reason why stress cause hair fall is because once the body is stressed, a number of things happen - the circulation of blood in the body becomes rather clogged, and flows slowly if left for a long time could become a problem for the hair follicle cells.

● Diet - the healthy diet has its own effect on hair health. With what you eat, nutrients could be transferred to the hair follicle cells leaving it nourished and very capable of growing longer and fuller. The diet is one of the important features of hair health that should not be taken lightly. Consumption of vitamins and proteins aid this cause more than other classes of food nutrients.


● Heredity - A person could inherit balding as a trait from parents to offspring. Although, temporary bait kiss could be given a usable cure. However, permanent causes as this will cause hair loss, a hair loss that can only be treated but not cured as it's a permanent hair loss cause. Treated yes, but the treatment does not prevent the newly developed hair from falling.

● Hair Care Products - This is a temporary cause of hair fall, as some products are too harsh for the scalp and then leaves them sore and loose, it may also cause receding hairline or more skin in some places. Mild and gentle shampoos should be used, these would strengthen hair and give it more fullness. Also, it is important to note that while washing is necessary, excessive washing has dangerous effects on the scalp. So beware of harsh shampoos.


● Conditions of the Atmosphere - it is already established that a dry scalp will cause hair to dry out leafing to hair breakage from dandruff created. The cooler months or during the winter or in arid air conditions have made lots of contributions to the drying up of the scalp and so in this conditions, the hair must be taken care off and always kept moist to avoid drying out.

● Extra care when drying your hair, avoiding hot showers, avoid brushing hair when wet, make the most use of wide-toothed combs, avoid styles that tug on your scalp, learning to properly treat dandruff to avoid escalation.

● Oil massage also moisturizes the scalp and aids proper hair growth by depositing their nutrients in the scalp.

● Hair supplements as biotin is another major breakthrough in the treatment of hair loss. They should only be taken on the directives of a medical professional.

How does Regaine work?

As an effective treatment of hair loss in young men that have not experienced hair fall for more than 5 years gives desired results with continuous usage. Its active ingredient is minoxidil which aids blood flow to the hair follicles of the scalp to increase follicle size.

The medication prevents further hair loss and aids hair growth. Regaine is a hair loss medication for men and is to be used externally and nowhere else. Studies have shown that the medication has been proven to stabilize hair growth in 7 out of 8 men.

Although it is important to know that hair growth is a slow process and every person differs in result orientation, hence, desired results will only come with continuous usage of medication. But the result would be noticed after a 16-week usage where one bottle of Regaine lasts approximately one month.

Caution, usage of Regaine foam uk more times than prescribed or in doses larger than recommended will not fasten the results but would only increase the likelihood of side effects, patience, and continued usage will eventually produce better results.

During the first few weeks of using the medication you may experience more than average loss of hair, it is completely normal as the medication seeks the dormant hair and sheds it off to allow new and better-growing hair emerge. Also, if treatment is stopped for extended periods of time the newly grown hair would be shed off within 3 - 4 months.

How do you use Regaine?

Regaine can be used in a few easy steps:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the medication

2. Completely dry your hair before application

3. Remove the cap and squeeze the nozzle into the cap to dispense half the capful, the foam will melt with body heat so it should not be kept without applying it for a long time.

4. Apply the foam to the affected area and gently massage it into the scalp

5. Use Regaine twice a day, 12 hours apart.

Only 1g of Regaine foam should be applied at a time to a completely dry hair, gloves are unnecessary if your hands have been thoroughly washed, ensure to use widely spaced combs if you must comb your hair. Regaine penetrates the scalp to restore inactive hair follicles and increase protein production to lengthen your hairs active growth phase.


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