Top 10 ionic toothbrushes

January 06, 2022

Top 10 ionic toothbrushes
Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush
SOLADEY 3 Ionic Solar Toothrbush
Dr Tung Ionic Toothbrush
IONPA DH Home Ion Toothbrush
Primal Life Organics Charcoal Ion Bamboo Toothbrush
ION-Sei Electric Ionic Toothbrush

Looking to stay on the cutting edge of dental care? You have probably heard of sonic action electric toothbrushes designed to make oral hygiene easier and more convenient that ever. But have you heard of ionic toothbrushes? This advancing technology takes a different scientific track. Instead of focusing on the forcible removal of plaque, these toothbrushes use natural polarity to their advantage. Read more to find out more about ionic toothbrushes and the top ten products on the market.


What is an ionic toothbrush?

An ionic toothbrush does not vibrate or move like other electronic toothbrushes. So how does an ionic toothbrush work? Teeth normally have a negative polarity and plaque has positive polarity. The opposites attract, causing the plaque to cling to teeth. Regular toothbrushes attempt to remove plaque with force and friction. But an ionic toothbrush uses a self-contained lithium power source to reverse the polarity on the surface of teeth. This breaks the ionic bond so the plaque molecules are repelled from the tooth surface and drawn towards the negatively polarized bristles of the toothbrush like a magnet.


How do you use an ionic toothbrush?

An ionic toothbrush will feel no different from an ordinary toothbrush. Simply wet a finger or palm and then would brush normally, just as you would with a regular toothbrush. You can use with toothpaste to help combat bacteria and bad breath, but an ionic toothbrushes cleans plaque just as well without it. After brushing, rinse the head and store the toothbrush in a dry place to ensure maximum battery life.


Are ionic toothbrushes effective?

Ionic toothbrushes are clinically tested and proven. Research confirms the ionic toothbrush is effective in removing plaque, relieving sensitivity, and improving gum health. Many patients who use an ionic toothbrush say the surface of their teeth feels clean instead of gritty or slippery and the feeling lasts throughout the day.


Top 10 Ionic Toothbrushes

Here are the leading products in ionic toothbrushes:


10. Primal Life Organics Charcoal Ion Bamboo Toothbrush

Looking for an eco-friendly option for an ion toothbrush at an affordable price point? This is the toothbrush for you. Charcoal is a great natural source for negative ions. And the charcoal-infused bristles on this toothbrush mean you can achieve a sparkly white smile and care for the environment. This toothbrush is 100% biodegradable. And most products come in multi-packs for even greater savings.


9. ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush

This is one of the more expensive products on the market. It uses ionic technology to help remove plaque from teeth and prevent buildup. And with Binchotan charcoal bristles, there is no need for toothpaste or a toothbrush cover. This toothbrush also uses sonic action, vibrating 31,000 gentle strokes per minute. This toothbrush is ideal for adults with sensitive teeth. It is feather-light, has quiet operation, and is comfortable to hold. And the smart timer pauses every 30 seconds for optimal quadrant cleaning.


8. IONPA DP Home Premium USB Rechargeable ION Power Electric Toothbrush

The lithium power source on most standard ion brushes will only last a few months before you need to replace the handle. This is the product of choice if you are looking for an ionic toothbrush body you can use long-term. It uses both ion power and sonic action to clean teeth and remove plaque. It also comes with a convenient rechargeable stand and a display that alerts when it is time to change the brush head. This product comes at a higher price, but the handle will last longer. It has four modes and a smart timer that pauses every 30 seconds to help with optimal quadrant cleaning.


7. IONPA DH Home Ion Power Electric Toothbrush

This ionic toothbrush features a slim, simple, lightweight design that is versatile and easy-to-use. It is a great option for an entry-level electronic toothbrush. This toothbrush also features a smart timer and three different brushing modes. And with the ion power and sonic action, you do not need toothpaste for a long-lasting clean.


6. IONPA DM White Compact ION Power Electric Toothbrush

Looking for an ionic toothbrush designed for travel? The IONPA DM is a portable toothbrush that comes with a travel-ready cover. It has a convenient smart timer to remind the user of the optimal two-minute brushing time. And with two brushing modes patients get the benefit of both ionic and sonic action. Patients can use this toothbrush with just water or a small amount of toothpaste for a long-lasting clean.


5. HyG-2 Ionic Kiss Toothbrush System

The HyG ionic toothbrush is compact and economical. The size and shape is very similar to a regular toothbrush. It comes with replacement heads and a power source tester so you can make sure the lithium power source is still viable. A great product at an affordable price point.


4. SOLADEY 3 Ionic Solar Toothrbush

This is a dual power toothbrush, emitting electrons from both a solar panel as well as a semiconductor. The electrons coat the teeth to more easily remove plaque for a 12 hour clean. Patients get a semi-permanent handle and replaceable heads.

3. Dr. Tung’s Ionic Toothbrush System

Dr. Tung’s products have grown out of a passion for naturally healthy smiles. These toothbrushes are clinically proven to be more effective than a regular toothbrush and patients have little to no plaque when visiting their dentist. The design is simple, the grip is comfortable. And this product has a more affordable price point. You can get the handles and the heads in multipacks.


2. HyGenius Trillion Ion Toothbrush

This product looks like any old toothbrush, but the HyGenius ionic toothbrush has a built in battery that is activated by your touch. And as the toothbrush releases ions it helps remove plaque from the surface of teeth. With this toothbrush you can get that dental chair clean at a drugstore price.


1. Kisuyu or Kiss You Ion Toothbrush

This ion toothbrush helps remove plaque from the surface of teeth. The body looks and holds much like a normal toothbrush, but customers are disappointed it doesn’t come with replacement heads. But this is the product of choice if you are looking for the most affordable ionic toothbrush. When selecting your ionic toothbrush, pay attention to the bristle softness so you can get the right product.


The most important thing about dental hygiene is consistency. If having an ionic toothbrush makes your teeth feel cleaner and makes you a more reliable brusher, then that is great. If not, find a product that works best for your and makes your dental hygiene routine consistent. 


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