Top Instagram Marketing Tips for Dentists

January 09, 2023

Top Instagram Marketing Tips for Dentists
Top Instagram Marketing Tips for Dentists

With the abrupt burst in social media's popularity, even people of the profession have turned to it to advertise their services, and with Instagram topping the marketing venues' chart due to the wide choice of features it has, it is essential to put businesses there so that it reaches a wide audience and turns it into clients.

This article will discuss how dentists can use Instagram to promote their services.

Having  Carefully Planned Content

Knowing the target audience is the first step that should be made. This means having a clear idea about their age group, preferences, and the most common dental issues they have. When studying each group aside, dentists can personify some posts to cater to their demands.
For example, the younger generation is obsessed with having what is called Hollywood Smile, so posts about teeth whitening measures and tricks will undoubtedly draw their attention. When it comes to dental health problems, their most common teeth problem is cavities, so a few tips about daily dental care will do the job of gaining more views.

On the other hand, older groups have worries about teeth loss and color change. Therefore, teeth implant procedures and maintaining teeth' original color is what they need to see there on the account

Using Instagram Features to the Fullest

When it comes to dental care, most people know almost nothing apart from using toothpaste and a brush at least twice daily. The dentist's mission is to let their audience in on some secrets of the profession. They can do that by utilizing the variety of features Instagram has, which are
1. Live videos. They are useful for having a live conversation with the audience by asking them to write down their dental issues in the comment section and answer them immediately. This presents the dentist as an authority in the profession and increases the audience's faith in them.
2. Stories: Instagram stories that might be used to film operations carried out and display new products.
3. Highlights: Dentists may think of grouping these stories in their Highlights, so new followers can catch up with the latest innovations without missing out on them.
4. Photos: Uploading photos in the posts to demonstrate the difference between before and after using a product or having surgery. Using free photo editing programs is highly advisable to create better-quality photos.

Selecting The Perfect Timing

More often than not, posts get ignored by followers because they are added at a time when they are busy or offline. The prolonged stay on the platform should have taught the dentist when most of the followers are online, which will help them get noticed.
Dentists can use statistics published by Sprout Social, which states that people ignore health content on weekends, so avoid publishing important information on Saturdays and Sundays. Sprout Social has also found that people are most active on Friday and Wednesday mornings from 10 to 11 am, so posting something at those times is a must

Paying Attention to The Biography

Dentists should follow the three bes' rule here

1. Being Precise: Long biographies don't attract more followers; viewers might just grow bored with reading them and totally forget about hitting the follow button because they got busy reading.
2. Being Innovative: Making the biography dull, banal and all texts without any stickers or emojis that make the biography more lively renders the audience uninterested in knowing about the business
3. Being Telling: A dentist should mention their clinic, other social media handles of it, phone number, email address, and the location of the clinic. This makes the clinic seem more real and encourages followers to turn into patients.

Starting Polls

It is a funny way to examine clients closely without disturbing or embarrassing them. The dentist may ask them whether they have a bad mouth smell, how many root canals they have, whether they use veneer to have a better smile, and so on.

Since nobody can know who said what, the clients are more willing to be forthcoming and honest, so they have a general and somehow close-up idea about their audience and the services they might ask for.

Using Celebrities

Celebrities are not necessarily influencers, just well-known personalities in the country or local city. If the dentist has well-known clients who frequent your clinic, they can ask them to mention them on Instagram or just have their permission to talk about the treatment they had provided them with. Their testimonials matter a lot and give the services more value.

Humanizing The Content

Restrict feeds to posts about healthcare and dental treatment creates a sense of estrangement. Every now and then, the dentist should post something about themself, like a trip they had made, a party they attended, and so on.

By engaging with the audience and replying to their comments without overreacting when coming across a nasty comment, the dentist attracts more clients.

In conclusion, dentists can capitalize on their presence on Instagram by following simple rules about using Instagram features and publishing posts. This influential presence on the platform can translate into big money going into their bank accounts.


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