Useful Hacks For People With Diabetes On How To Stay Safe

January 11, 2022

Useful Hacks For People With Diabetes On How To Stay Safe
Insulin device and insulin injection

Diabetes is one of the most common long-term illnesses out there, and managing it in the middle of a busy daily schedule can feel like a major challenge. However, with a few simple steps, you’ll soon find that managing and staying safe with your condition is actually easier than you may have thought.


Be Careful with Your Insulin

If you need to carry your insulin with you when you travel, be careful about how you store it. Insulin needs to be kept at room temperature, so you’ll need a storage solution prepared to ensure it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. If its temperature goes under 56ºF or over 80ºF, it will break down and become unusable.

Be Ready to Test

Make sure you have the necessary equipment on hand to test your blood sugar levels. There are a number of ways to do so, including continuous monitoring systems that track your level throughout the day. That said, the most common (and most accurate) way to do so is to use diabetic test strips.

If you don’t know how to use them, make sure to speak to your doctor and ask about which test strip provider you should use and how. Some test strips are more accurate than others, so you may need to switch providers from those you’re currently using.

If you switch providers, you don’t have to let leftover test strips go to waste; instead, look for ways to Sell Diabetic Test Strips online so that you can get back some of the money you spent on them. Diabetes can be expensive to manage, and making the most of your equipment makes budgeting easier.

Don’t skimp on testing – monitoring your blood sugar levels is crucial for staying safe with diabetes. Skipping on changing your daily testing schedule can lead to major issues.

Check the Dates

Like all other medications, medicine for diabetes (including insulin) comes with an expiry date. Consuming expired medication can not only have serious side effects, but it can also affect your ability to manage your illness properly. So, make sure to check the expiration date on all medications you consume.

Check the dates when you’re buying the medicine – if you don’t use too much of it, an expiry date that is coming up soon may mean that you’ll only be through half of your purchase before it goes bad. Ideally, buy medicines that will expire as late as possible, especially if they are only prescribed for emergencies rather than daily use.


When consuming emergency medication, check the dates before taking anything. You should also check the dates on your medicines once every couple of months to make sure you haven’t made a mistake. For convenience, you can also arrange medications in your bathroom cabinet according to the expiry date to reduce the risk of taking pills that have gone bad.

Diabetes can seem like an enormous diagnosis, and it is true that it will indeed affect every aspect of your life. However, with a bit of care, you’ll find that you can, by and large, continue with your regular routine – there are just a few things you’ll need to add to it to ensure you stay safe and healthy.


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