What are Vegicaps?

January 21, 2021

What are Vegicaps?
Vegicaps are pills made of plant products only. Vegicaps are vegetarian tablets
Vegetarian capsules are also called Vegicaps. They are suitable for vegans and consist of non-animal products

The term ‘vegicap’ may be short for ‘vegetarian capsule.’ So what is a vegetarian capsule? A vegetarian capsule is an empty capsule that is made using only ingredients derived from plants. When we refer to ‘capsules’ we are referring to those capsules used to house medicines such as antibiotics that you may be prescribed if you have an oral infection. Since vegetarian capsules aren’t made using any animal byproducts, they can be safely consumed by vegetarians and vegans alike. Vegetarians and vegans may be hesitant to ingest normal capsules, because they are made from gelatin. And gelatin is derived from animal - normally cow bones.


The plant materials used to make veggie capsules are hydroxyl, propyl, methyl and cellulose and water. These four ingredients, hydroxyl, propyl, methyl and cellulose, (HPMC) are made from vegetable cellulose that comes from trunks of spruce and pine trees.


You don’t necessarily have to be a vegetarian or vegan to benefit from using veggie capsules either. These capsules are good ad hiding odors and bad tastes, they are quite easy to swallow, they dissolve quickly and they are available in the same sizes that normal gel capsules are available in. There are some disadvantages of veggie capsules, however. Namely, these capsules are more expensive than normal gel capsules, as they are made with more expensive ingredients.


The most popular brand of vegetarian capsule is the Vegicap. Vegicap is a registered trademark of Catalent Inc. In essence, it is a capsule made from plant-based materials. These capsules made by Catalent Inc. are made with those in mind who keep a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and who avoid using products made with animal byproducts. These capsules are free from genetically modified organisms, animal derivatives, modified sugars and gluten. 


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