What Causes Black Spots on Teeth and How Can a Dentist Cure It?

December 19, 2020

What Causes Black Spots on Teeth and How Can a Dentist Cure It?
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Millions of people are facing teeth discoloration issues. Many people brush and floss their teeth using correct brushing techniques and following strict routine. However, they still experience teeth discoloration. Even though all types of dental discoloration are concerning, black spots on your enamel is not something you should ignore.


Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry suggests visiting the clinic for a quick diagnostics and treatment before the problem gets worse. It is a curable oral issue and an experienced dentist can provide a professional support to improve your dental health and help you get rid of the dark enamel spots.


Black spots on teeth can occur due to cavity, initial decay, injuries, tartar buildup on teeth, and several other causes. Celiac disease can also cause this problem. This article will provide an insight of how to cure and mask this dental issue.

What does a dentist do to cure black spots on teeth?

The dentist makes a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the black spots. It should not take too long to spot and diagnose this. Once the cause is found, the dentist will apply the best treatment to help you get a whiter and brighter smile.

Dental prophylaxis, veneers, and tooth bleaching are some popular solutions applied to remove black spots. The potential treatment will depend on the severity of the issue. If your condition is not urgent you can try consulting other specialists, to find the most suitable one. This how you will make sure you are going for the right treatment with the agreed treatment time, consequences and expected results.


How to cure gum disease without dentist?

You can try home remedies, plenty of it can be found on the internet, but you should know that none of it is recommended by the specialists in this field. And there is a very small chance to treat gum disease without the help of a dentist. For example, one of the methods found on the internet is to try diluted hydrogen peroxide with water and rinse your mouth with it. It is an effective cure against germs hiding around teeth and under gums. Turmeric paste, Aloe Vera, green tea, sage mouthwash, etc. are also reliable home remedies.

Home remedies have been in use since the ancient times. These home-based cures may take some time to show their effect. In case of severe pain, bone loss, and other severe conditions you need a professional dentist support – home remedies are not good enough to solve such complex issues. Any treatment delay can make the problem worse for you. Therefore, regular dental and oral checkups are essential for maintaining proper oral hygiene.


How to find a dentist?

Open your web browser and search for a dentist near me. You will get many good dentists located in your city. Do all available dentist offer the best treatment? It is not something we can say for sure, because usually the ones with more experience and better equipment have better practices than newbies.

Professionals working at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry have served many patients till now. They have gained reputation as Sarnia’s most reliable dentists. They are known for providing quick and efficient treatment for oral health issues.

All the experts suggest to read reviews before you visit a dentist’s office. The suggested dental clinic has gained top reviews and great admiration from all the regular patients. You get result driven treatment to improve dental appearance and treat oral disease. Quick diagnosis and efficient treatment allows patients to spend less time in the clinic and maintain stable dentition with regular dental hygiene at home.


Final thoughts

Having black spots on teeth isn’t always a sign of a serious oral teeth issue. Go to the dentist to receive proper diagnosis and learn about ways to treat the problem. Do not miss your regular appointments, so you can be able to spot dental issues before they cause troubles and potential ache. Discipline with your dentist visits and vigilant mouth hygiene is the way to live a happy and healthy life with a shining smile.


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