What is a porcelain fused to gold (PFG) dental crown?

May 18, 2015

What is a porcelain fused to gold (PFG) dental crown?
PFG Dental Crown
Porcelain Fused to Gold Dental Crown
Gold Post Abutment and a PFG Dental Crown
Dental crowns become necessary sometimes to protect decayed or damaged teeth. There was a time when these were made only of precious metals or of metal alloys for those looking for more affordable options. However, these tend to stand apart and many people preferred porcelain crowns as they match the original teeth more closely. But, dental crowns or caps should have both, functional utility as well as aesthetic appeal. Metal crowns are sturdier and offer more durability. The use of porcelain fused gold dental crowns instead utilizes the good qualities of both gold and porcelain.

How are porcelain fused gold crowns made?

A porcelain fused gold dental crown consists of a thin layer of an alloy that contains about 60 percent of gold. This is then covered with porcelain that is shaped like a tooth. This gives it a more natural look than a crown made of metal only. However, since the gold alloy needs to be masked totally, more opaque porcelain is used. This makes it less natural looking than the dental crown made solely of porcelain.
There are several benefits that make it superior to other types of dental restorations. 
  1. Mainly as the upper part of the crown is made of porcelain, it gives a more natural look to the patient's smile. It is therefore the preferred option for the front teeth.
  2. As the base is of metal, it offers continued protection to the tooth in case of any damage or fracture of the porcelain surface. 
  3. The metal part of the crown is a gold alloy which is likely to be less reactive in people with metal allergies. 
  4. In addition to this, these crowns would be less expensive than a crown made solely from a gold alloy.
  5. Another benefit is that glass ionomer cement can be used with these crowns for fixing the crowns. 
Though, a porcelain fused gold dental crown is considered to be a good option, there are some disadvantages too. 
  1. In some cases, a dark line may be visible at the gum line which impacts the visual appeal. This is more likely to happen when there is gum recession. In such a situation it becomes inappropriate for the front teeth. 
  2. When compared to an all-porcelain crown the translucent shine is likely to be on the lower side due to the opaque gold base. 
  3. In rare cases, the porcelain may get chipped off or fracture under chewing force.
  4. These crowns would be more expensive than an all-porcelain crown
  5. People with thermal sensitivity may experience discomfort on eating or drinking hot/cold food. However, this is generally a temporary problem and subsequently resolves after the adjustment phase.
Though the use of zirconia as a material for crowns has lowered the popularity of porcelain fused gold crowns, these are still an excellent viable option.

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