What is Dentacoin Foundation?

December 20, 2021

What is Dentacoin Foundation?
Dentacoin is the cryptocurrency for the dental industry

We've seen radical changes over the last few years in many industries. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and other coins defined the cryptocurrency revolution. Healthcare was only one of the industries affected, but it was radical! In this article, we'll learn about the Dentacoin Foundation, its potency in the cryptocurrency market, and what it can change over the next couple of years.


Why has Dentacoin arisen?

A dental checkup is the most cost-effective way to protect your own oral health, yet only 1 in 3 adults in North America actually visit the dentist annually. The reason is that a dental checkup can cost as much as an entire month's rent without including any necessary follow-up treatments.


The average American spends $544 out of pocket on dental care every year. With 90% of dental expenses avoided with better self-care, regular checkups, and effective cleanings, most Americans are not getting the dental care they need. The U.S. healthcare system emphasizes immediate treatment, not long-term preventative care, so there is no incentive for dentists to promote long-term solutions.

The benefits that Dentacoin brings to the table

Like every single crypto coin, there come some benefits. While you can improve your transaction experience if you buy Bitcoin Cash, you could gain advantages in terms of your health by utilizing Dentacoin. Dentacoin is the world's first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, which is a hidden gem that has previously gone unnoticed. The Dentacoin Foundation has been working hard to integrate blockchain technology into dental hygiene and has already created an impressively strong platform. Dentists can use the Dentacare app to monitor patient progress and reward patients who take proper care of their teeth.


Challenges dentists face

The global dental industry is highly fragmented, with over 1.6 million dentists operating on the fringes of this $156+billion market. Dentists are forced to operate with a series of complex and inefficient third-party systems — including private insurance companies and government registrations — which often do more harm than good. The dentist industry needs a new way forward — integrated communication within a decentralized network that allows for growth, transparency, and freedom.


Dentacoin makes things simple

The Dentacoin Assurance Plan is the first dental assurance plan based entirely on direct smart contracts between patients, and dentists. Patients can earn Dentacoin by taking an active role in their oral health, while dentists can access valuable market research data and attract more customers by providing a brand new service. Founders are proud to say that they have achieved this milestone within just one year since the token went on sale, on time with the roadmap set by the team behind this Ethereum-based crypto project!


Dentacoin is already an industry leader

Dentacoin is the only blockchain solution focused on the dental industry. While other healthcare-focused tokens are attempting to enter the dental space, Dentacoin has already developed a strong network of users, dentists, and companies. You can't just up and create a coin for your dentist's office. The issue with these solutions is that they are relying upon building solutions for industries already on board with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. DCN has already made its presence in more than 25 countries and over 120 companies globally.


Mission to stay on top

While it's not an easy feat to be the first of your kind, it is incredibly rewarding — there are no other companies from which their team can learn. Open-mindedness and creativity have been crucial requirements for DCN's developers since the very beginning. They are committed to keeping the community involved, listening to our team members, and appreciating their feedback.


Upcoming developments

Dentacoin's vision for the future of dentistry is ambitious but simple: create a community that comes together to improve dental care worldwide. With the ever-expanding collection of tools and partnerships, Dentacoin aims to transform the dental industry by enabling affordable quality dental care on every device and making advances in smart technologies that will make visits to the dentist more informative, interactive, and enjoyable than ever before.



Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that aims to improve the dental industry. By introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts, Dentacoin wants to create a global community of trusted dentists and dental patients that can improve the quality of dental care worldwide while allowing individuals to get rewarded for their contributions. Although the niche is still not overpopulated, Dentacoin's specialists make sure that they stay on top of every new thing happening in the crypto and healthcare industries.





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