What short term medical insurance plans offer dental care?

March 15, 2021

What short term medical insurance plans offer dental care?
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Insurance plans prove to be beneficial because they offer a certain coverage that will protect you from unforeseen expenses, particularly related to your health. There are various types of insurance plans but this article focuses on short-term medical insurance plans or supplement plans, particularly those that offer dental care.


Short Term Medical Insurance Plan


Short-term medical insurance plans provide temporary coverage that proves to be beneficial when you are between health plans or outside of your enrollment period. The coverage greatly varies depending on the plan that you acquire, as well as the insurance company that you engage with. Just keep in mind that these plans are not required to provide a certain level of coverage or the minimum essential coverage. Nevertheless, these plans still offer a certain amount of coverage particularly for preventive care, doctor visits, urgent care, and emergency care. Some even provide coverage for certain prescriptions.


LifeShield VitalaCare Limited Benefit Medical


One of the primary insurance providers that offer short-term medical insurance plans is Lifeshield. When you explore online sources, you may discover that the short term insurance from LifeShield & Aspen offers dental coverage as part of their package. You also get to enjoy hospital stays benefits, as well as doctor visit benefits. The best part is that this plan is available for you, your spouse, as well as your eligible dependent children. Thus, this plan is ideal for people who intend to enjoy the added coverage of an indemnity plan or those seeking secondary health insurance to supplement a higher deductible major medical insurance plan.


Aetna Medigap Plan


Another insurance provider that offers short-term medical insurance plans is Aetna. Most reliable reviews of the Aetna medicare supplement indicate that this package includes vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. When it comes to dental coverage, a couple of routine oral exams, as well as routine dental cleanings are often covered. However, you may need to get the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan to cover root canals or bitewing X-rays, as well as fillings and tooth extractions. Even dental services provided in a hospital, such as after a facial injury, tend to be covered by the latter which is more comprehensive than a short-term medical insurance plan.


Florida Blue Medigap


Perhaps the main advantage of getting a Florida Blue Medigap plan is the low-cost premium that you need to settle before you enjoy the benefits of your coverage. Aside from low healthcare costs, you are most likely to benefit from comprehensive coverage on dental, vision, and hearing with Florida Blue medicare. You also don’t need to fulfill any medical underwriting to purchase the Florida Blue Medicare supplement. However, you need to bear in mind that this plan is ideal for people who are in their best health condition, requiring little to no medical attention.


Cigna Medicare Supplement


Cigna also offers short-term medical insurance plans that do not require customers to use an in-network doctor. This means that the elderly or the senior citizens get to leverage the services of any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare. Apart from dental coverage, holders of this policy also get to save on specific wellness products, weight-loss programs, and massage therapy. However, the specific pricing of the plans is usually determined by state laws. Rest assured that the premiums are competitively priced, even considered as one of the most affordable options available. The great thing about Cigna is that they are capable of offering supplement insurance options beyond the traditional supplement plans.


Aspen STM Insurance


Finally, Aspen also offers short-term medical insurance with dental coverage. Aside from this, holders of this policy also get to enjoy a routine physical exam which is ideal for those who are in between jobs or those who have recently been laid off. This plan is also beneficial for part-time or temporary employees as well as those who recently graduated. Alongside basic dental services, this plan also provides benefits for doctor visits, emergency room, and ambulance usage, as well as urgent care benefits. The best part is that this plan also includes hospital coverage.


Various short-term medical insurance plans offer dental care apart from their basic coverage, and the ones listed above are only some of them. The key is in meticulously comparing one provider of this type of plan from another to ensure that you get to maximize the benefit that you can garner from the plan that you get. In doing so, you will also be able to significantly save on your premium costs while getting the most out of your short-term medical insurance plan.



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