Why choose Turkey for your dental treatment

July 09, 2020

Why choose Turkey for your dental treatment
Why choose Turkey for your dental treatment

Modern Turkish medicine has gone a long way in the field of dentistry. This allowed not only to treat sick teeth but to do it in the most aesthetic way possible. More and more patients want to cure their teeth in Turkey every year. According to statistics, only in 2019, the number of dental patients increased by 20%.

Such great popularity of Turkish dentists is explained by the presence of modern materials in Turkish dental clinics. Turkish crowns are characterized by reliability and excellent appearance.

What is the crown placement?

The dental implantation process involves surgery. During the procedure, an implant imitating the root of the tooth is placed in the jaw and then the crown is attached to it.

Implants should only be placed if the person has healthy gums and has enough jaw bone for the implant. Moreover, the implants require careful hygiene after installation. Implant surgery is not performed until the age of 23, because your jaw may change.

Benefits of Turkey

It is worth starting with the fact that the cost of dentistry in Turkey is lower than in Europe and the United States on average by 30%. At the same time, the quality of the services provided can be envied by most European countries.

Dental prosthetic in Turkey is one of the most popular and demanded dental procedures. After all, with the help of prosthetics, a patient can easily restore the beauty and health of his smile. Turkey uses the most advanced medical equipment, highly qualified dentists work here. You can easily improve the appearance of your teeth by installing dental implants in Turkey.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies Turkish crowns have one of the highest quality among all countries. The development of medical tourism allows everyone who wants to install dental crowns in Turkey at affordable prices.

Methods of dental treatment in Turkey

Treatment of teeth in Turkey provides a wide range of therapeutic methods, with each method individually tailored to each patient.
If a patient is afraid to undergo dental treatment, surgery under general anesthesia is possible in Turkey. A patient sleeps, and when he wakes up, he has absolutely healthy teeth. Using this method, a doctor can perform dental treatment of any complexity, from caries to dental implants.
Turkish dentistry provides a wide range of treatment procedures, including:


  • Dental implants procedure.
  • Tooth restoration.
  • Treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums.
  • Management of dental anomalies.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery.


The newest techniques

In Turkish clinics, you can install implants using modern laser implantation technology. The usual process of classical dental implantation is quite long. The problem is that the damaged gum needs to recover fully after the procedure. This is why normal dental implantation takes 2-3 months.

The newest method of laser implantation allows reducing the implantation period to one week. The secret to the effectiveness of this method is minimal gum injury. In contrast to the conventional surgery, laser implantation does not damage the gingiva as much, which reduces greatly the healing time and, as a result, the full duration of the implantation.

For effective treatment, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. Turkish dentists have such modern equipment in their arsenal:

●  Scanning dental cameras.
●  Digital panoramic radiographs.
●  High-resolution tomographs.
●  Modern high-resolution microscopes.

How to receive treatment in Turkey with comfort?

The modern development of medical tourism enables patients to undergo treatment in any country of the world. In the field of dentistry, Turkey holds first place in the arena of world medicine. To undergo treatment in Turkey at favorable prices, you can use the services of medical tourism operator Booking Health. This will allow you to easily find the best dental clinic at low prices.

A pleasant bonus is that prices for treatment provided by Booking Health are lower than with choosing a clinic on your own. During your treatment, Booking Health will take care of all issues. This will allow you to fully enjoy the treatment. In addition, the company provides a list of benefits that will make your treatment as effective as possible:

●  Help in buying and forwarding medicines.
●  Selection of a suitable hospital and healthcare professional.
●  Establishing communication directly with your doctor.
●  Booking hotels and air tickets.


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