Why is Health Tourism Preferred?

May 08, 2024

Why is Health Tourism Preferred?
Why is Health Tourism Preferred?

In recent years, with the increasing interest in health tourism, health tourism has become a trend. Health tourism has become popular thanks to the opportunities and advantageous prices provided by many different countries.  So what are the factors that have made health tourism so popular?


Many people prefer to do health tourism for dental implants, smile aesthetics or more complex and costly treatments.

The first of the most important reasons for this, of course, is the cost of dental treatments. Dental treatment costs are significantly lower in many countries engaged in health tourism compared to European countries. For example, Hollywood Smile treatment fees in the UK vary between 5,000 and 25,000 pounds, while if you want to have the same treatment at a large and reliable clinic in Turkey, you will only need to pay 700 to 3,500 pounds. The fact that there is such a big price difference causes a serious increase in the number of people who prefer Turkey for dental treatments. However, the fact that the fees are almost 70% lower does not mean that the quality of the treatments is low, of course. For example, the Turkish government is working very carefully and in detail on the issue of health tourism. The fact that clinics in Turkey are strictly controlled by the state can be seen as a reason for keeping the quality of the service provided high. One of the reasons why wages are low is that the cost of living in Turkey is low. In other words, the fact that clinic expenses are lower than in European countries is one of the factors that explains the difference in treatment fees. In addition, the government of Turkey gives government incentives to clinics engaged in health tourism, which leads to a large reduction in the cost of services of clinics. In addition, thanks to the inhouse laboratory located within Dentafly Dental Clinic, it offers more affordable prices to its patients than many clinics in Turkey. The price advantage resulting from these reasons is seen as an opportunity especially for patients living in Europe and America and millions of people do health tourism every year.


In some countries, especially developed countries, there are long waiting times for some dental treatments. For example, while it is necessary to wait an average of 6 months for a dental implant treatment in the UK, the waiting time for treatment decreases to 1-2 months due to the large size of clinics in Turkey and the presence of more dentists on site. Patients do not enter long waiting lists for their second visit appointments, on the contrary, they can easily make their appointments on the dates that are convenient for them. Patients prefer health tourism in dentistry to eliminate these long waiting times.


Such a high preference for health tourism leads dentists working in countries engaged in health tourism to gain more experience compared to dentists in other countries. The fact that they see more patients and cases than dentists in local clinics in European countries has led them to specialize and gain experience in their field. Therefore, patients who do health tourism feel safer and a decrease in their fears is observed. In addition, with the general anesthesia option offered by clinics, patients can complete their treatments during a sleep period.

In treatments that require a healing process, such as dental implants, temporary dental applications are performed to patients, and patients can undergo the healing process without tooth loss or eating difficulties. During this process, the clinics are in communication with patients and can be intervened instantly in a possible problem. The constant communication between clinics and patients increases the confidence in this process and becomes one of the reasons for preference. In addition, unlike many clinics in Europe, health tourism clinics cover the dental implants and crowns they use in treatments and offer a guarantee to renew the treatment for free. This is also seen as a preventive solution to problems that may occur in the future.


Another of the advantages of doing health tourism is to combine the treatment process with a vacation. This is one of the biggest reasons why health tourism is widespread in tourist cities such as Antalya.  Having dental treatment in holiday cities such as Antalya also brings with it an excellent holiday opportunity. Millions of patients who start the treatment process together with their family or friends get the opportunity to have an unforgettable holiday with their loved ones thanks to health tourism.  There are many patients who enjoy their holidays while dental treatment continues painlessly and quickly with the general anesthesia option at Dentafly Dental Clinic. From this point of view, combining the holiday and treatment process both saves time and gives the opportunity to spend the dental treatment process, which can cause great worries, in a comfortable and enjoyable way.

You can enjoy the city and its glamorous beaches with the free luxury hotel accommodation that Dentafly Dental Clinic has added to its dental treatment packages.


Doing health tourism for dental treatment is an excellent way to get affordable and high-quality dental treatment. With a detailed research and planning, you can combine your dental treatment and your vacation in a pleasant way.


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