Why You Need to Remove Metal Fillings

December 08, 2020

Why You Need to Remove Metal Fillings
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Metal fillings are also referred to as dental amalgam, and more often than not, these are composed of a mixture of metals. In the past, they were used to fill cavities that are caused by tooth decay. However, more and more people are considering the removal of their metal fillings for various reasons, such as those stated below.


The Appearance of New Cavities

One of the primary reasons why you would need to remove your metal fillings is that there are already new cavities appearing in your teeth. More often than not, these cavities develop underneath the old fillings because of the impression that after you get a filling, cavities will no longer develop. In this case, the experts in providing the area of Encino dental services strongly recommend that you adhere to good oral hygiene even after you get an initial filling to ensure that no cavities will build up underneath it. In this way, it is less likely for you to have your fillings removed or replaced later on.

Tooth Fracture

Another reason why your dentist may recommend that you remove your metal filling is when he or she notices a fracture in your tooth or in the filling itself. The reason behind this is that it is quite common for your fillings to crack. Alongside this, the tooth surrounding the structure can also crack. When this happens, your dentist may recommend having your filling removed and eventually replaced to preserve your tooth. They may even recommend the use of a dental crown for full coverage and protection.

Wear and Tear

You may also need to have your metal filling removed when there is already a sign of significant wear and tear. This is because some people are simply hard on their teeth, unconsciously grinding or clenching severely. For this reason, the fillings may break over time and lead to gaps between the filling and the tooth. When this happens, plaque and bacteria may build-up, which then leads to cavities. Before this happens, your dentist will already remove and replace your metal filings accordingly.

Fear of Mercury

Finally, if you are afraid of the effects of mercury, which is considered one of the most toxic substances, then you have the option of removing your metal filling and having it replaced with a better alternative. Metal fillings are also not considered aesthetically pleasing because of their color, which means that they don’t look natural when placed in your teeth. In this case, you can go for tooth-colored composites or porcelains instead for a more natural and visually pleasing look. Thus, apart from being free from any toxic chemical in your mouth, you get to have natural-looking pearly whites too.


While metal fillings are still widely used to mitigate further tooth decay, you have other options, such as composite, which is metal-free. But keep in mind that the key is in regularly visiting your dentist to ensure the health of your teeth and mouth. This should be done in parallel to proper brushing and good oral hygiene, which will prevent the occurrence of tooth decay in the first place.


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