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Alpha Dent Active Plus

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Active Plus is an implant with aggressive thread. Used in one- or two-steps protocol for all bone types. The implant is spiral-shaped, conical with triple deep thread for higher retention. It prevents bone injures and enlarges the area of direct contact of the implant’s surface with the bone, which, as a result, speeds up the process of osteointegration. Active Plus is highly suitable for zones with soft bone tissue as its size and area allow to get good primary stability in such zones.The upper part of the implant with a microthread has an inverse cone shape which reduces the pressure in the cortical layer, prevents further bone resorption and improves the aesthetics. The conicity of the implant’s body matches the shape of conical drills for bed preparation.
Product by Dental company Alpha Dent Implants Ltd | United Kingdom, Underwood street, 442081335332


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