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5 Pcs Osteotomes Concave Tip Bone Spreading Adjustable Screw Dental Surgical

Price : 50

Set of 5 Sinus Osteotomes-Offset Convex-Tip 2.6mm, 3.1mm, 3.8mm, 4.5mm, 5mm • For Professional Use • German Stainless Steel • Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance. What is Sinus Lift ? Sinus Lift is a technique that allows the Surgeon to lift the Sinus floor using instruments called Osteotomes so that the implant and additional bone can be placed concurrently. This technique requires a small pre-existing amount of bone under the maxillary sinus floor, but it is much easier for patients to tolerate than the traditional sinus augmentation surgery. Applications: • Used to Carry & place Bone Grafting material into site of the Elevated Sinus Floor. • Used to Transport the Bone during surgery. • Used to condense Bone material under the Sinus. • Used for Conservative Placement of Maxillary Implants using a "Socket Lift" Procedure • Ideal Instruments during Sinus Lift Surgery • Color-coded ends Ease identification. • Bone Mead Mallet with Nylon Facings to split the Teeth or remove a Bone with a help of a Chisel. • Superior Surgical Stainless Steel. • Quality Handcrafted to Perfection. • Comes with a Stainless Steel Mesh Instrument Cassette for Sterilization / Autoclave. Wholesale Inquiries Please note if you are looking for a multiple purchase of these products including Chiropody Podiatry Instruments, Specially designed Kits and or if you wish us to form a customized kit for you with the instruments you want in, please feel free to email us with your combination and or request a call back, we will respond to your query as soon as we can, normally within 24 hours. Also please note, there is a substantial discount for reasonable number of multiple items you will order. Just drop us a line at the email address with your number of items, and we will respond to you with your amazing discount offered.
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