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Sandman Futura Handy Unit

February 12, 2017, Sandman Microdentistry

LOW PRESSURE AIR-ABRASION A thin, ultra-precise jet of compressed air bearing microparticles of aluminium oxide treats the tooth substance effectively and easily. Sandman Dental is based on the unique patented whirl atomisation principle, which ensures exact and controlled treatment at low pressure with the exact amount of powder needed. Sandman Futura Handy unit (built-in) includes: 1 Hand piece with removable & sterilised tip 29 and mixing chamber 1 box of Aluminium Oxide Powder with 6 cups: 3 cups 40 gram with particle size 29 micron, 40 gram 3 cups with particle size 45 micron Safety glasses: 2 pair Technical data for Sandman Futura: Size: H: 25 cm x W: 23 cm x D: 10 cm Weight: 2.5 kg Connection: Medical dry air from the clinic's own compressor Sound level: 15 db Price: 1 069€ tax incl. 1 069€ tax incl.
Product by Dental company Sandman Microdentistry | Denmark, Soenderbyen 19, 6534 Agerskov, Denmark, 45 20782188


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