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Facial Imaging Mobile

Facial Imaging MobileFacial Imaging Mobile

Facial Imaging Mobile is the ultimate solution for both general dental practitioners and specialists seeking high-definition, on-site mobile Cone Beam CT imaging for diagnosis, treatment planning, case presentation and high-quality dental implant placement with our 3D Navigation service at your office. For implant surgeries we introduce the latest technology possible – X-Guide – and our professional technicians are always there to help you during surgery.
We are happy to provide best on-time service you can only wish for!
Being in the market for more than 10 years we are proud to admit that our service is one of the best on the East Coast!
We cover NH, MA, DC, MD, VA, PA, CT, NY, NJ and can go to the doctor’s office, patient’s home or work address.
Facial Imaging Mobile is a team of professionals who care about their doctors and patients. Our team of dedicated technicians, highly competent radiologist and customer support specialists is eager to assist you as soon as possible. Please always feel free to call, email, and chat online – we are there for you!
We guarantee an individual approach to all patients when scheduling appointments and doing scans. And doctors will be more than happy to find out that we release high quality scans the next business day or even same day if requested.
In 2018 Facial Imaging Mobile started using a revolutionary system for simplified and more accurate implant procedures. X-Guide increases the accuracy of implant position, location, angle, and depth, helps to avoid damage to nearby anatomy, reduces patient’s discomfort. And our on-demand Navigation Surgery Service brings to your office all you need and when you need it – simply save your time and money!
Facial Imaging Mobile strives to take dentistry to the next level by using cutting-edge technologies and providing top-notch service!



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Type: X-ray Lab
Country: United States
Address: New York, 115 Lathrop Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314
Telephone: (800) 881-4432
Languages spoken: ENGLISH, Hebrew, Russian

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