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What is talon cusp and dens evaginatus?

Dens evaginatus is also known as talon cusp or supernumerary cusp. It resembles an eagle talon and is a dental abnormality found on the palatal surface of the anterior teeth.

Tooth gemination in dentistry

Gemination of teeth is a dental condition in which one tooth bud has produced two twin teeth. They are bonded together and separated by a cleft in the middle of the crown.

Teeth eruption chart for deciduous and permanent teeth

Teeth eruption charts for deciduous (baby teeth) and permanent (adult teeth).

System S - Squirting Obturation Technique in Endodontics

Squirting obturation technique in endodontics is a type of warm obturation technique for sealing the root canal system with heated gutta-percha.

Managing patient’s dental fears

Tips on overcoming dental anxiety and how to control patients dental phobia.

Interdental cleaning - Dental floss vs. Water pick vs. Interdental brushes

Let's compare the means of interproximal dental cleaning - what are the benefits of conventional dental floss, oral irrigator and interdental brushes.

Sleep Clench Inhibitor - SCI Plus Splint

Sleep clench inhibitor is an anterior splint used to treat bruxism and relieve TMD symptoms.

What is Taurodontism?

Taurodontism is a dental condition in which the pulp chamber is enlarged, roots are shortened and the tooth anatomy is severly changed.

What is the difference between inlay, onlay, overlay and pinlay?

The main difference among inlays, onlays and overlays is in the size of tooth damage and the area that is being restored.

Articulators in dentistry

Dental articulator is a device used by dental technicians to simulate jaw movements and attach the cast models to. It can be used for creating prosthetic restorations like crowns, bridges and dentures.

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