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What is the difference between dental attrition, abfraction, erosion and abrasion?

Dental attrition and abfraction are caused by bruxing, but the damage occurs at different points of the teeth. Abrasion is caused by rubbing against foreign objects and erosion is induced by chemical components.

Teeth Erosion

Enamel wear due to acid activity is known as dental erosion. This condition can be caused by overconsumption of acidic foods or saliva inability to neutralize the low pH in the mouth (dry mouth syndrome).

Dental Attrition

Teeth wear that is caused by malocclusion and friction is known as dental attrition. It can be due to bad biting habits, clenching and bruxing.

Upper Lip Tie

Tied lip is a condition where the upper lip is tightly attached to the gums and does not allow proper lip movement.

What is a rubber dental dam?

Dental rubber dam is a piece of latex or nitrile that is used for teeth isolation during dental procedures. The dam is attached to the teeth with dental clamps or wedges and is kept in place by a frame.

How to remineralize teeth

Teeth remineralization protects the enamel from dental cavities and can be promoted through the use of natural remedies, salivary stimulants, calcium and fluoride products.

When do I start brushing my baby's teeth?

You should start cleaning your baby's teeth as soon as they come through. You can use a baby toothbrush, a moistened piece of cloth or gauze.

What is a dental night guard?

Night guards or mouth guards are dental splint appliances that prevent wearing down the teeth and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Inner Lip Tattoos

Lip tattoos are colorful marks on the inside of the lips made by regular tattoo ink.

Anterior Repositioning Splint

The anterior repositioning splint (ARS), also known as pull forward splint, changes the lower jaw position and relieves TMD.

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