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Gingival veneers

Gingival veneers, also known as gum masks, are removable prostheses made of acrylic or soft silicone and are used to fill in the gaps caused by gum recessions and periodontal disease.

Dawson B Splint

The Dawson B-splint is a muscle relaxing appliance fitted to reduce bruxing symptoms and deprogram the masticatory muscles and mandible condyle position in the temporomandibular joint.

What is VRF (vertical root fracture) and cracked tooth syndrome?

Vertical rooth fractures can be caused by external trauma, occlusal overload and bad habits like bruxing, chewing on pencils or nail biting. Teeth fractured vertically are not savable.

Everything about coconut oil pulling

Rinsing with coconut oil is beneficial to your oral health but cannot substitute the traditional dental hygiene care.

What are mandibular tori?

Mandibular tori also known as tori mandibulares(Latin) are boney lumps found on the lingual surface of the lower jaw. It is a benign condition that is usually harmless.

Top 10 countries to practice dentistry

The following countries are the best choice for the dentists looking to relocate their practice.

Regenerative endodontic therapy

Regenerative endodontic procedures are based on keeping the dental pulp alive and revascularizing the bacteria free spaces.

Waxed vs. unwaxed dental floss

Studies show there is no statistical difference in the effectiveness of non waxed or waxed floss. However this depends on the patient needs.

Should I brush my teeth before or after rinsing with mouthwash?

Mouthwashes eliminate bacterial plaque, removes food particles, freshens the breath and supplies the tooth surfaces with fluoride.

Apexogenesis and apexification

Apexification and apexogenesis are dental procedures performed for young immature teeth. Apexogenesis aims to preserve pulp vitality while apexification is carried out when the pulp is necrotic.

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