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Cheek Biting

Habitual cheek biting also known as morsicatio buccarum may occur due to misaligned teeth, ill-fitting dentures or tobacco chewing.

What is the difference between bruxing, clenching and grinding?

Bruxism can be divided into sleep and awake bruxism. Clenching means pressing the teeth together. Teeth grinding includes pressing and lateral movements.

What is bruxism?

Teeth grinding or bruxism is an involuntary dental condition in which the patient is clenching and gnashing his teeth when he is not eating.

Effects of nail biting on oral health

Onychophagia also known as nail biting may have negative effects on the dental treatment, tooth structures, muscles and TMJs.

Step by step guide to teeth flossing

How to floss your teeth properly. The right way of using dental floss.

What is the average dentist salary in the UK

On average a qualified UK dentist will earn £55,000/year.

Full Cast Gold Crown

Dental gold crowns are made of metal alloy that contains around 40 percent of gold. They are very durable and fit the margins precisely but with poor aesthetic qualities.

What is a PFM dental crown?

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns are also known as PFM or VMK crowns. They are formed by porcelain being combined with precious or non-precious metal alloy.

What is a porcelain fused to gold (PFG) dental crown?

Porcelain fused to gold dental crowns are formed by porcelain being combined with a casting gold alloy. The PFG crown combines the functional qualities of the gold and the aesthetic qualities of the ceramic.

What is a water pick and how to clean my teeth with it

Waterpick, also known as water flosser and oral irrigator, is a tool for flossing your teeth and gums using a jet of water.

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