All The Reasons Why You Need To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

January 30, 2020, BlackBurn Dental Centre

The reason why dental association recommend you visit your dentist every 6 months is not only to maintain your pearly whites but to maintain your overall health too. However, more and more Americans skip dental visits, putting their oral health at risk.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 26% of US adults have untreated tooth decay. Ignoring oral and dental conditions eventually result in worsening of the condition and ultimately tooth loss.
While tooth loss may be a well-known consequence of oral and dental conditions, it isn’t the only thing you need to be worried about. In this article we explain why you need to visit your dentist regularly and the conditions you can prevent by doing do.

Detecting Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious condition that manifests itself in various ways including, soreness in the lips or mouth, difficulty in swallowing, bleeding from the mouth, loose teeth, growth of tumor in the throat or mouth, tongue pain and many more.
Oral cancer is seen more in men than in women and you may be at risk of this condition if you’re an excessive smoker, alcoholic and tobacco user, have a history or oral cancer and have a weakened immune system.
While you may not be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, a trained dentist will. Therefore, visiting your dentist can result in early detection of the condition which makes it easier to treat.

Preventing Cavities By Removing Plaque And Tartar

Our teeth often get covered with a thin sticky film housing bacteria called plaque. While plaque is easy to remove with regular brushing and flossing, if it’s left as is, it hardens into tartar, which is hard to remove without professional help.
Tartar can erode away teeth and may result in conditions, such as cavities, gum receding, loose teeth, etc.
By visiting your dentist regularly and getting regular cleanings you can prevent these conditions and ensure better dental health.

Preventing Gingivitis

According to the CDC, almost half of US adults show signs of gum disease.
If plaque and tartar buildup and are ignored for a long time, they may result in infection in the gums called gingivitis and can cause gum receding, bleeding and tooth loss.
However, regular trips down to your dentist can prevent this painful condition and ensure health teeth and gums.

Damage Due To Bad Habits

Habits that can damage your teeth include smoking, drinking too much coffee and wine, chewing on hard substances, such as ice and hard candy, teeth grinding, putting too much pressure while brushing, etc.
When you visit your dentist after every few months, they can let you know if your teeth are beginning to show signs of damage. Moreover, they can also help you adopt a healthier lifestyle so as to prevent such damage in the future.


While we believe dental visits are only for cleaning and whitening, they can play an important role in preventing various oral and dental conditions and improve our overall health.
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