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BlackBurn Dental Centre

BlackBurn Dental CentreBlackBurn Dental Centre

Blackburn Dental Center has been ruling the dental treatment sphere of Orleans for more than 3 decades. We come to your aid in times of distress owing to your excruciating toothache or bleeding gums. Now you won’t be suffering at the hands of painful oral cavity condition when treatment services from BlackBurn Dental Centre lie on your fingertips & a few mouse clicks away.
We at the community are all too aware of the fact that tooth by far is labelled as one of the most sensitive & vulnerable parts of the human body. Rightly so, these oral cavity projections need special care to set aside all possibilities of infectious, painful conditions leading ultimately to their decay and removal. Even with all oral hygiene and care put into practice, chances of teeth problems are not wiped out altogether.

We take pride in working with a limited but highly professional staff of dentists, and hygienists & assistants backed by an effective administration. Our education, our coaching, our training have all contributed in inculcating the pristine human values of care, empathy and sympathy within us. Our able dentists go to all lengths of service in order that you are provided relief from all problems arising within the oral cavity.

With the progress in medical field a plethora of treatment techniques have been developed for complete oral care. Carrying extensive experience our team educates its patients with respect to dental health while performing individualized treatment procedures to restore their dental wellness.

Our Restoration Services
 Oral Hygiene, being the core of basic dental health is maintained at the hands of our expert hygienists qualified from registered institutes.
 Periodontology professionals based at our clinic are capable enough in handling the irritating disorder of the gums, i.e. gingivitis & periodontitis.
 Endodontics, the root canal therapy is performed by a team of dentists specialized in their field of carrying out the restorative procedure within a tooth.
 Implantology, the tooth replacement process is considered to be the next best option to healthy, natural teeth and is undertaken by our skilled dental surgeons.
 General Dentistry service is meant to be taken up by all members in a family for complete oral care to eliminate all instances of teeth and gums related issues.
 Prosthodontics, as a specialized field of tooth repair or replacement in case it is missing, is performed under strict medical supervision in a sterile environment.

The Hot Seller
Blackburn Dental Center, your complete Dental Health Managers amid a perfect blend of passion, compassion and dedication for all of its clients alike.

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: Canada
Address: Ottawa, 2575 Innes Road Blackburn Hamlet Ottawa Canada
Telephone: 613-824-3478
Languages spoken: English

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09 - 18 h.
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It is a known fact that Blackburn Dental Centre is the oldest continuing dental clinic in Blackburn Hamlet, established in 1982.

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