How does bad oral health affect children

January 12, 2021, Dr Ivanov

How does bad oral health affect children
How does bad oral health affect children
Children start to get their baby teeth at the age of six months.

Children start to get their baby teeth at the age of six months. When they reach the age of six or seven years, they begin to lose their first set of teeth.  They are replaced by secondary permanent teeth after some time.  Children are required extra dental care to stay away from different oral problems. Most often an oral problem that is seen in children is tooth decay.

Most children are found suffering from teeth cavities due to their carelessness.


According to the dentistry for children, care tips that parents should follow may include:


If your kids still have no teeth, you should wipe gums twice a day with a soft clean cloth.
When teeth start to come in, start brushing your kids’ teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
Consult the dentist on your baby’s first birthday.
When your child has permanent teeth, make them brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
Make them drink tap water that should contain fluoride in it.


Factors that cause tooth decay in your children’s teeth:


It can be genetic that means family members like brothers and sisters or parents also have cavities.
They are habitual of taking sugary food and drinks like soda, candies, especially between meals.
If they wear any oral appliances such as braces.


If any one of these is happening with your children you may need to talk childrens dentists near me.


How do children suffer from Tooth decay?


The children suffer from tooth decay when bacterias in the mouth make a sticky covering called plaque on their teeth surface. When kids intake any sugary food items like cola or candies, the germs feed on the sugar and produce an acid that damages the tooth surface. With passing time, the acids take away the tooth enamel and create holes called cavities. 


In that case, parents need to walk in delta dental pediatric dentist immediately.

Tooth decay may cause severe pain and infection which can affect children’s growth. If your child is suffering from severe tooth decay problems it can harm your child’s nutrition, speech, and jaw development.


Consequences of tooth decay:


Extensive pain and discomfort.
Treatment may be complicated and expensive depending on the problem.
he/she may be a little anxious during the treatment.


Role of pediatric dentist miami:


A  pediatric dentist should be a kid friendly dentist as kids are not always cooperative to the treatment. Being a pediatric dentist they should know the better ways to treat children in a way that they feel comfortable during the treatment.  Furthermore, they should use kid friendly tools so that kids should cooperate with patience. During the treatment, the dentist removes the decayed part and replaces it with a filling. The material helps to restore the tooth.

A pediatric dentist provides a variety of treatment options as he is an expert to cure your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. They make sure that your child should get the best possible care. So, if your child is having any dental problems you should not hesitate to visit them.

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