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Look no further then Smiles by Ivanov Orthodontic Experts.  Dr. Ivanov specializes in quality dental braces & invisalign. We strive to give you and your child a beautiful and healthy smile that you can feel proud to show off.


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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: North Miami, 12866 Biscayne Blvd
Telephone: 786-540-1919
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Working hours
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.



News and articles by Dr Ivanov

Can I Take The Orthodontist Treatment At Any Age

In our society today, getting braces when you're a pre-teen or teenager has become the norm of today.

How Can You Get The Best Dentistry For Children

When it comes to meeting your child with childrens dentists that accept Medicaid.

Why Do You Need to Know About Different Types of Braces

A natural healthy smile that is perfectly aligned only a few people are fortunate to have this.

Invisalign Treatment Helpful Information You Need To Know About

According to the experts, teeth aligners/ braces tend to be more successful in children as compared to adults.

4 Key Elements Of The Best Orthodontist

It's important to understand the recommendation from the dentist does hold value.

Orthodontic Braces How To Get Rid Of An Overbite

Overbite happens when the upper front teeth project over the lower front teeth.

How to choose the best braces colors

Some people wear braces for a considerable amount of time, therefore you need to pick a braces color that looks absolutely great on you.

Which is Better for Kids a Dentist or an Orthodontist

Dental health and hygiene are needed for everyone. But the most effective and efficient dental care anyone has is in childhood or pre-teenage.

What are different types of orthodontic treatment available for adults

Most often, Orthodontic treatment is used to enhance the look and alignment of crooked or crowded teeth.

What Are The Key Factors in Kids Dental Hygiene

Being cautious of your kids' oral requirements isn't as drastic as you think.

Why do kids fear to visit an Orthodontist near me

As kids start growing the parents should take them for dental checkups once every three months a year according to the dentist’s recommendations.

Are Clear Braces more Expensive than Metal Braces

Traditionally, if you were in need of orthodontic treatment,

Why Orthodontist Help Is Compulsory For Aligned Teeth

Have you been debating yourself on the topic of whether you need an orthodontist near me or not?

How does bad oral health affect children

Children start to get their baby teeth at the age of six months.

Why You Can Wear Braces In Your Adulthood

We all understand that teeth braces are the procedures used to misaligned twisted teeth or correct complications in teeth like bad bite or lopsidedness.

How to Assess Good Quality Orthodontics care

Are you want your teeth Straightening?

Why Pediatric  Dentistry for Children Really Matters

As we all know early precautions prevent major risks. The sooner kids start getting dental checkup regularly, the healthier also hygiene their mouths will stay throughout their lives.

5 Common Questions You Should Know About Braces

Orthodontics is all about the braces. This advancement offers everyone the chance to get a spirited smile which upgrades confidence and holds the way to social and professional achievement.

Are Invisalign Teeth Straightening Is A Perfect Treatment For You

Invisalign teeth straightening is the most successful technology in the orthodontic treatment of crooked teeth and other dental problems.

What Services Dentist Orthodontist Provide

Dentist orthodontist are dental experts who check and fit badly aligned jaws and teeth along with various other dental issues.

What Services Biscayne Park Orthodontist Provide

Correcting the alignment of your teeth implies meeting a Biscayne Park orthodontist but is that whole deal that they do.

Invisalign Trendy Alternative For Perfect Smile

From the real first day you direct into the Aventura orthodontist, you apparently think to yourself, "This is continuing to be awful"!

Orthodontist Providing Invisalign Treatment

These days, a good grin has become important. It can manage one's self-confidence and professional skills.

What You Should Know About Orthodontist

Any orthodontist specialist near me is a very functional and expert dentist.

Invisalign Treatment Review

In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, there is a modern orthodontic treatment system that is generating quite a stir.

How the braces can aid in appearance

Once upon a time, this was a common question that why people use braces.

6 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Aligned

Getting your teeth aligned should be deemed a requirement, not an extravagance.

Why Dental Braces Are Important

When somebody thinks of dental-braces and their advantages the first privilege that comes to understanding deals with how one’s teeth will finish up being even after a point of time.

Clear Ceramic braces near me for less noticeable treatment of crooked teeth

Your nearby orthodontist for dental treatment, Dr. Ivanov specializes in quality dental braces & invisalign. We strive to give you and your child a beautiful and healthy smile that you can feel proud to show off.

Treatment Offered By Orthodontist Miami Shores

Orthodontics is the particular type of dental treatment that is often related to straightening teeth with metal braces.

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