Bass Brushing Technique We Strictly Need To Incorporate Into Our Dental Routine

January 12, 2021, URBN Dental

We all have been taught about dental hygiene since our childhood. Here’s the moment of truth, most of us never do as we are told, as a result, the oral disease affects almost 3.9 billion people worldwide. Quite a figure right?


I am one of them too. My irresponsible behavior towards my teeth caused me a couple of bucks and a visit to a good dentist near me as I met with him for my dental cleaning appointment. There, I came to realize what mistake all of us have been doing that might cause us to lose our very precious smile too. One of them being our reckless, and bad brushing skills.


As mentioned before, we all are well aware of the brushing routine and hygiene since our childhood. That is in the morning as well as before going to the bed. How many of us do actually follow that routine? We all know the answer. During my visit to the dentist, I came to know about the various brushing techniques and procedures. Further being more surprised by the fact that most of us do not know the correct brushing techniques and therefore, aren’t brushing our teeth well at all. Every care begins from home itself.


Thus, in this article, I will be educating and enlightening you about the best kind of dental care possible along with the best possible brushing techniques that I advocate in order to keep your teeth looking as good as a pearl keeping them healthier for longer.


Modified Bass Brushing Technique


Among the few brushing techniques that the dentists suggest, I find the Bass brushing technique most effective. Oh, and not only me, but this technique is also recommended by most of the dentists situated all across the world. Since this method is most suitable for the removal of biofilm and plaque completely. Not only that, but it can also be used to successfully clean the area found under the gingival margin along with helping in controlling the periodontal infection.


How to perform the Modified Bass Brushing Technique


Having so many benefits here are the steps for how you should be performing the modified bass technique for effective results:


Place a toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line such that some of the bristles are touching your gums.
Moving of the brush with short strokes in a circular motion, 2-3 times on each tooth.
Flick the brush in a way that the bristles move down and away from the gum line.
Make sure that you brush all your teeth and surfaces in this way. (including the inner, outer, and topmost surfaces of the teeth).
Similarly, use the same bass technique brushing motion movement over your tongue as well.


Note: make sure you brush your molars the same way as you brush your front teeth.


Lastly, floss your teeth daily too. Hope this article will help you in understanding the best technique for brushing your teeth in order to protect your teeth.

Happy Brushing and flossing!

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