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Urbn Dental is one of the best dental clinic in Houston. The services which we provides includes emergency dental care, teeth whitening, root canal, Invisalign, Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers, Wisdom Teeth Removal. Our team of specialist uses most advanced technology in taking care of your dental health. Schedule an appointment now.


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Emergency Dentist Houston
Are you in need of an emergency walk-in dentist near me? At URBN Dental Houston clinic, Our emergency dentists can help you quickly and effectively when dealing with toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, or anything else that might require immediate attention from a dental specialist!

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Type: Dental clinic
Country: United States
Address: Houston, 2400 Mid Ln. STE 350
Telephone: 713-677-2058
Languages spoken: English

Working hours
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.
09 - 18 h.

News and articles by URBN Dental

A Comprehensive Guide To The Timeline And Process Of Dental Implants

Our teeth greatly influence our general health. Even losing one tooth can severely affect our oral health and self-esteem. It may result in trouble chewing, impacting our nutritional intake and digestion.

Porcelain Crown Dental Procedure Step by Step Guide

Porcelain crowns are meticulously crafted to fix teeth to their original, natural form. Unlike metal-based crowns, porcelain crowns prioritize aesthetic benefits, as they’re specifically designed to match your existing teeth.

Understanding The Dentures What You Need To Know

Removable dental devices, or dentures, are a relaxing and suitable solution to replace lost teeth in the upper, lower, or jaws.

Cosmetic Dentist Treament Options and Their Role

Cosmetic dentist in Houston solely focus on the overall appearance of teeth, gums, surrounding tissues and overall smile. However, traditional dentistry primarily focuses on oral health issues, including gum disease, tooth decay, and oral tissues, aiming to promote oral health and function.

How Does Deep Scaling and Root Planing Improve Oral Health

In dentistry, deep scaling and root planning are familiar with deep cleaning. In this effective process, the orthodontist is responsible for eliminating tartar and debris from the surface of your teeth, effectively improving your oral and overall health.

Professional Teeth Whitening What It Is and Why Need To Perform This

Taking care of teeth even after eating and consuming foods throughout the day is quite challenging. Consumption of caffeine, tobacco, smoking, and soda makes teeth yellow and tough stains.

What Are Effective Ways To Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Are you looking for teeth whitening home remedies? No worries; various effective options are available.

Which Tooth Is The Hardest To Extract

For the majority of teeth, dental extraction is a very straightforward process; nevertheless, certain teeth pose a difficulty for dentists doing tooth extractions.

What Is Involved In Getting A Smile Makeover

You might need a Hollywood-style grin makeover if your smile has lost appeal. A smile makeover is a set of cosmetic dentistry procedures intended to address significant grin flaws instead of a single remedy like veneer implantation or tooth whitening.

Everything You Should Know About Gum Grafting Is Provided Here

Maintaining dental health goes beyond treating cavities and tooth decay, straightening crooked or impacted teeth, and replacing missing teeth.

Why Choose Dental Treatment Over Home Remedies for Oral Health

Properly caring for oral health by following and brushing practices benefits oral and overall health. It is true that initially, everyone tries home remedies to cure bad breath, cavities, and decay.

The Advantages Of Regular Oral Cancer Screening In Houston

An oral cancer screening is generally included in a regular checkup appointment for available dentistry. When a person turns 45 years old, they are required. The patient has no pain or discomfort during the simple screening process.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Look And Feel Better

Cosmetic dentistry is a subspecialty focused on enhancing oral and dental health. Dental implants, gum recontouring, and teeth whitening are cosmetic procedures.

How Are Dental Sealants Different From Fillings

Dental operations must be combined with a few at-home routines to ensure optimal oral health. Dental sealants and fillings are the most often utilized materials in dental operations.

Navigating Wisdom Teeth Extraction A Guide to What Comes During and After

Wisdom teeth removal sounds daunting because it creates fear among many individuals; some people get worried about the fear of pain or concerned areas during and after the process.

Take The Next Step Toward A Better Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Its impossible to look through any celebrity weekly while waiting in line at the grocery store and not see page after page of flawless smiles.

Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Everything Regarding Gum Contouring You Should Know

10% of adults in the 20–30 age range are thought to exhibit excessive gingival show, or a "gummy smile." This occurs when you grin and indicate excessive gum tissue above your upper teeth.

Palatal Expanders What Are Their Types And How Do They Work

Good bone symmetry is the first step towards having a fantastic smile. Straighter teeth begin with an aligned jaw. Patients are increasingly using palatal expanders since they are valuable instruments.

What Do You Mean By Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to prevent tooth decay. They are usually made of plastic or resin material and can last up to ten years with proper care.

Which Is the Better Option Extraction or Root Canal Treatment

Choosing between a tooth extraction and a root canal treatment can be a difficult decision. Learn about the pros and cons of each option, including cost, recovery time, and potential long-term effects, to help you make an informed decision.

Which dental office qualifies as the best one

With good dental hygiene associated with dental care, including diabetes and heart disease,

Why Does Teeth Visibility Turn Out To Be Yellow

Well, there are miscellaneous elements that cause teeth to turn out to be unimaginative along with dropping their luminosity, white twinkle.

What Is The Need Of Root Canal For Anybodys Dental Treatment

Well, the first and foremost question arises for the same from the patient side is “What is a root canal

Which One Is Much Productive  Invisalign Or Braces

On the condition that bearing in mind for braces as an alternative Invisalign, probably possess a lot of queries, for instance, What exact one is additionally effectual

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