Dental Issues during COVID19

January 16, 2021, Ashley

Coronavirus has impacted everyone in different ways, with the health industry being hit particularly. As a result of the stress and uncertainty of the situation, many people have developed dental issues that have led to their teeth cracking and making them experiencing severe pain. Being unable to see a dentist will only make it worse.



Dental Issues during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in ways that we didn’t expect, and it has changed the dynamics of a lot of things. Many people are now facing severe stress, and daily schedules no longer hold. Sadly enough, it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight. We’ve all suffered physically, emotionally, and psychologically from the effects of this pandemic and the sudden changes we’ve had to adapt to.
One trend in dental healthcare during this outbreak is the increase in tooth fractures. As a dentist, this is very accurate as stress is known to cause damage to people’s mouths, resulting in broken and cracked teeth.
At the start of the pandemic, the most common case caused by stress was tooth trauma. Although that reduced drastically into the summer, it has now started to pop up again and is on the rise since kids had to resume school. Parents who have to manage their workloads and keep their kids focused on school while worrying about their health are the ones suffering from this trauma.
The most common dental issues that people have suffered during this period are cracked teeth caused by stress and tooth pain caused by clenching and grinding.

Cracked Teeth
Over this period, many dental patients have come in experiencing pain all over their teeth instead of a specific part (which is the norm). There were no signs of tooth decay for most of them, which is why it’s believed they’re grinding and clenching their teeth during the day or at night, or both. As this is the case for most patients, they’ll undergo a test to determine the sore and hypertensive part.
Tooth trauma in many people has resulted in a cracked tooth, all due to stress. Sometimes you may not see the cracks with the eye, and other times you can see that the teeth have lost some parts already. It isn’t easy to deal with cases like these during the pandemic, but dentists have to do all they can to restore their patients’ teeth with different procedures.

Tooth Pain
According to professional writing services, tooth pain is another major dental issue that people have had during the pandemic. Some patients show no signs of tooth decay but feel their teeth hurting roundabout. For many people, it is a result of clenching and grinding. This is especially true because most people feel this pain the most when they wake up in the morning. So, this is a sign that they must have clenched and ground all through the night in their sleep.
Our teeth are held in place by ligaments, and you stress these ligaments as you clench the teeth or jaw for hours over the night. The pressure and trauma you put it through all night mean that it can become extra sensitive once you wake up in the morning.
Patients who experienced tooth pain and sensitivity may not have fractured or cracked teeth as it might result from hours of clenching. One way to treat patients like this is to place them in a mouthguard. This will ensure that some of the stress that the teeth are undergoing is relieved. This makes it easy to deal with the situation from clenching before it becomes a crack or fracture problem. Also, this saves money and time and prevents the later occurrence of such severe pain.

Seeing a dentist during covid-19; is it safe?
The impact that COVID-19 has had and still has in our lives is unprecedented. It’s not like anything that we’ve seen or prepared for in the past. Although there are restrictions to movements and several places that you should not go to, this cannot include the dentist. Dental clinics have put safety precautions in place to ensure that both the staff and patients at the clinic are safe as they give and receive dental care.
Even with all of these precautions, many other people had dental issues and could not get any help from dentists. Many of these people that couldn’t get help when they needed it had to live with the pain with the potential risk of a more severe oral health problem.

One thing that needs to change is the access to dental care that people are receiving these days. It is very easy for everyone to focus on other healthcare delivery areas that the pandemic affects, but there is already a backlog of people that needs dental care caused by the pandemic. It is also vital that people do not just have access but that dental care is affordable to them. Many people have struggled with paying the NHS charge, mainly because of the current financial situation that the pandemic caused.


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