Everything About Promoting Dental Clinic on Google with Guest Blogging

November 03, 2021, Dental Plus

Guest blogging process
Guest blogging process
Content marketing for dentists is an excellent opportunity to promote your resource in 2021 with absolutely no investment. However, not every guest post allows you to publish advanced blogs. That's why it pays to know how to write correctly and choose a guest blogging resource for a dental clinic to get a boost and traffic from it.


What is Guest Blogging?
Guest blogging is writing articles or posts for third-party sites and blogs. There are many dental blog ideas. Typically, these articles mention a link to your resource, in our case, the clinic website. For the most part, this is the main point. Find more exciting information and buy niche backlinks on this subject here: https://www.linksmanagement.com/dental-blogs/.
It is an excellent option for developing clinics. And if you consider that there are very few free ways to announce today, guest blogging is the best chance to get a link to your resource on an advanced site.
Guest blogging is lovely in terms of promoting your resource:

  • without investment, you get a link to the site of the clinic;
  • there is an opportunity to talk about yourself on the untwisted and visited site;
  • you can unobtrusively advertise yourself, to carry out the so-called branding;
  • if you mention the link, relevant guest posts will help you increase traffic and bring new visitors.

Benefits for the host resource where you will publish your posts:

  1. 1. It is a great way to increase activity on your blog.
  2. 2. Fill your resource with content, and you, on your part, do not spend any time or effort to write it.
  3. 3. In the case of a successful guest article, new users will also come to you, thus increasing traffic and improving the resource.
  4. 4. Is a new acquaintance so that in the future, you can publish your articles at their place as well, a kind of mutual PR.

How to Choose a Site for Guest Blogging?
Think about it: you've spent time and effort writing an article, published it on a blog, and ended up with nothing. That's why not only the content has to be of high quality, but also the resource for posting it. So here are some recommendations for selecting a site for guest blogging. Finding a place for this should be taken seriously. Look for dental promotions ideas. Good dental backlinks help with promotion.
Search Engine
The easiest option. It's enough to enter keywords into the search box. You can start with "publish a guest post," "post a guest article." Then, to narrow down the list of possible resources, you can add keywords on the topic you're writing your content on. When experts generate a page, the subject is specified there. That's why the keywords will help you find the site that's right for you.
Some themed forums about dentistry can post guest articles. By the way, sometimes, there are resources on platforms that do not show up in searches. For example, suppose the owner of the site has a small number of places.
Contacting Authors Directly
In the case of the other two above methods of finding a site, you will also need to contact the author, but here is different. Here you find blogs, websites, and other resources you like and try to negotiate guest blogging, even if there is no mention of such an offer.
That way, you can get well promoted and make your brand recognizable. Then you can already provide cooperation to those resources that do not mention guest posting. Once you become more recognizable, other authors will contact you more quickly and agree to cooperate because it will be PR for them.
The Optimal Number of Guest Posts
Don't forget about your site, either. If you have found a worthwhile resource about dentistry, you can write as much as possible with good activity and traffic. Your website or blog should also be regularly updated with content to work and bring results.
It is better to form a small list of at least 3-5 significant resources and periodically publish your articles there — at least one post per month. Regularly look for new sites, and do not forget about proven old blogs. If you see that your posts are well-received by the audience on other resources, publish them more often.
What to Pay Attention to?
As you can see, guest blogging is not difficult. Just create content by thinking through all the details.
Make sure there are no filters on the site. They can prevent your article from appearing in search and taking its rightful place there. And it directly depends on this, whether visitors will come to your resource.
Author's Popularity
An author of the blog should be at least a little known and famous. Then you will also be able to promote yourself faster and more effectively.
Regularity Of Posting
If the resource you're staying at updates information regularly with new content, then that's what you need. It's okay if your post soon gets lost in the stream of recent articles. The main thing is that the site is actively developing. Most likely there is a good activity, which means that you will do well in this regard.
Quality Content
Evaluate the content, which you publish on the site. The presence of gross errors, monotonous slog, unrelated topics - all this will not bring you traffic. Instead, look for something that catches the first word, which will be interesting to read. Only in such a resource should you leave your articles.
Requirements for Guest Posts
After all, your task here is to interest someone else's audience, perhaps even the one who is not very fond of treatment. That's why you should pay attention to grammar, the relevance of the chosen topic, and stylistics. But, of course, everything plays a role here, so here are the basic requirements on the points.
There are no specific limits and restrictions here. Remember that you're advertising yourself, promoting your brand with your guest post, which means you need to disclose the topic you've chosen fully. Your task is to show someone else's audience your awareness and competence and attract some of it to yourself. In general, 8000-12000 characters will be enough.
Always keep the structure in mind, don't forget about paragraphs and consistent presentation. If possible, supplement the material with graphic elements. Photos and videos will be great to attract attention and dilute the canvas of the text. You can find more information about supportive pictures on Internet, photo retouching services could help.
Place a Link
Consult with the author or a website you post where to place a link to your clinic. Do it at the beginning of the end of the article.
SEO Optimization of the Article
Try to work with keywords medical SEO. If you choose and place them competently, you can attract an audience from the resource that agreed to publish you and Google search. It may seem like a long and tedious process at first. But digital marketing for clinics works.
Is it Necessary to Promote Business on the Internet?
A resource needs to look good and be functional. Clients like it most of all. This is correct, but only in part. If the clinic's website is, the potential client will not even find it on the fifth page of the search. So the business owner should seriously engage in his promotion.
Targeted planned work to promote the site leads to:

  • improved position in the search for key queries;
  • increase attendance, which allows you to increase brand awareness and increase the number of potential customers;
  • increased profits;
  • increased competitiveness.

Business promotion in search engines is more profitable than advertising on radio, TV, or media. Works to increase positions in search engines have a delayed positive result. If they are suspended for a while, traffic will continue to grow.





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