5 Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces

July 27, 2017, Billings Dental Care

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces
5 Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces

If you have braces, then you know how difficult those little suckers are. Having braces is one of the most annoying times of your life, not only because of how unattractive they might look. There are tons of food pieces that can get stuck in your braces and even further dental nightmares if you happen to get an infection thanks to not cleaning your braces properly. That’s why you’ve got to learn how to properly take care of your teeth while you have braces. You are just a couple of missed brushes away from a trip to the dentist’s office. Keep reading down below for the top tips for taking care of your teeth with braces.

1. It’s Best To Brush With An Electric Toothbrush

When you brush your teeth in the traditional sense, you might be missing a ton of extra food particles and bacteria that are hiding in your braces. Because these metal contraptions have tons of small spaces between them and your teeth, this provides many places where food can hide. And when you don’t get those food particles out, plaque and bacteria can easily fester and cause infections in the future. It’s best for you to use an electric toothbrush that’s going to guarantee that you get rid of all that gross junk in your braces. Ask your dentist what kind of electric toothbrush they recommend you getting!

2. You Have Got To Floss Your Teeth Every Single Day

Flossing is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health, especially when you have braces. Now, it might be tougher to floss your teeth with braces, but it’s something you’ve got to do. If you don’t floss your teeth, there’s no way you’re going to get rid of all those food particles that are stuck between your teeth. And when anything is left between your teeth for long periods of time, that’s when bacterial infections can spring up. Be sure to speak with your orthodontist about the proper ways to floss with braces on.

3. Try Out A Mouth Rinse

Just to make sure that you get rid of all that bacteria, it’s also a good idea to invest in a mouth rinse that will get rid of all that extra junk. A mouth rinse is going to get into those nooks and crannies of your teeth that flossing and brushing can’t. You will use this rinse as the third step in your regular oral health routine.

4. You Might Need To Get Toothpaste That’s Prescription-Strength, Just In Case

If you want to be extra sure that you are having the healthiest mouth possible, you can speak with your dentist about what recommendations he or she has for prescription-strength toothpaste. This toothpaste is going to be much more powerful when it comes to cleaning off your teeth and protecting them against infections. There are plenty of options out there, so your dentist is going to know which one is best for your teeth!

5. Whenever You Drink Water, Rinse Your Mouth Out

A great precaution to take whenever you have braces is to quickly rinse your mouth out with water on a regular basis. Whenever you take a swig of water from your water bottle, just rinse the water around your mouth to loosen up those small food particles. This is no replacement for brushing or flossing, but it’s a good way to break up any gunk that might be in your braces.

There you have it! Having braces can be one of the most frustrating things in the world, but you can also have a super healthy mouth while you have them!


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