Is Smoking Really Bad For Your Teeth

December 22, 2022, Radiant Smiles Dentistry

Dentist in Prosper
Dentist in Prosper
Lighting up a cigarette is always a go-to way to release stress and disengage from trouble temporarily but it has been the root cause of permanent damage affecting your lungs and teeth.

When you think of approaching a dentist near me, it's often late because the damage from smoking has badly affected your gums, jawbone, and teeth. Most of you are already aware of the side effects of smoking on the lungs, but the most adverse and direct impact of smoking is on your teeth, especially on the entire oral structure which holds your teeth. As a leading dentist in Prosper, practicing in issues related to oral health and gum disease, we understand your desire to take care of your teeth throughout life. Therefore, we offer you insights into how any kind of tobacco can cause harm to your teeth and suggest remedial ways to prevent further damage to your oral health.

Discoloration of teeth

Naturally white teeth can turn yellowish or brownish in color with regular tobacco use, even if you do not smoke a pack a day. Being the certified Prosper family dentist, we help you whiten your teeth and maintain your smile. You can visualize your pearly white teeth as a porcelain vase. Now the enamel on your teeth functions as well as a porcelain finish but with very fine cracks. With the advancing aging every day along with the usage of teeth over the period of many decades, these cracks tend to absorb anything that you place in your mouth.

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While smoking a cigarette, the tar and nicotine in the cigarette get seeped into those fine cracks and accumulates like a fixture there. They cannot be brushed away by you easily resulting in a build-up of tartar and plaque on your teeth. The amount of your smoking directs affects how much discoloration your teeth will show. Radiant smile dentist in Prosper Texas helps with your teeth whitening experience with advanced technology.

Advancement of Gum disease 

Smokers are more susceptible to gum infections and diseases because they foster bacterial growth by regularly smoking. The more you smoke, the more plaque builds up which fosters the growth of bacteria. This results in inflammation of the gums or gingivitis which is gum disease. Our dental office of Prosper provides the best guidance for the treatment of your gingivitis and periodontitis.

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Periodontal disease can mostly be reversed if you search for the best dentist near me in its early stage.  But in an advanced stage of gum disease, the bone and the inner layer of your gums start to separate from your teeth because of smoking which harms the blood flow to gums and disrupts wound healing. Radiant dental office Prosper Texas provides effective treatment and care for bleeding gums, sore mouth, red gums, and receding gums.

Loss of Teeth

The main reason for losing teeth after gum disease is the toxins produced by the bacteria that break down your connective tissues and bone which jointly hold your teeth. It would be best if you visited Radiant dentist Prosper Texas the moment you notice loose teeth because your teeth have no anchor to hold them in their place in your jaw due to smoking. Also, compromised immunity makes your body weak to defend against infections thereby leading to teeth erosion.

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We have a highly skilled team of dentists in Texas for restorative surgery, bone grafts, and tooth extraction. There are higher chances of tooth decay because of infection arising from periodontal disease. Here root planning and scaling via deep cleaning can treat gum disease effectively. Likewise, tooth decay is effectively treated at this Prosper dentistry by root canals, fixing crowns, and fillings. 

Quitting is winning

Most of the problems that are related to the usage of tobacco and smoking can be stopped or fixed, irrespective of the shape your teeth are in at the present moment. All it requires is a firm decision to quit smoking or using tobacco. The most brutal effect of smoking is visible on your teeth and in your mouth. You can plan to visit your dentist near me who can properly guide you by first reducing the amount of your daily smoking. And secondly help you with scheduled treatments for improving your oral dental health to save your teeth, gums, and jaw.

Dentist in Prosper

We are one of the leading dentists in Texas, and our expert team of dentists can help you by making sure that you keep your mouth and teeth healthy with our advanced technological treatments and more. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance so quitting is not easy. But its prolonged usage includes life-threatening types of cancers like mouth, tongue, esophagus, lip, throat, cheek, and gum cancer. Second-hand smoking is even more dangerous for babies and children as they are at risk of inhaling similar harmful chemicals which smokers tend to breathe in. the major benefit to quitting smoking includes lowering your chances of stroke, oral cancer, and heart attack.

We offer a detailed examination at our dental clinic to help you access the impact of smoking on your teeth, and on the oral structures holding your teeth, that is your gums and jawbone. Our remedial treatments can certainly revive your oral health and increase the longevity of your smiles and life. To schedule your visit at Radiant Smiles Dentistry you can reach us at: (469) 425-8555


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