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Radiant Smiles Dentistry

Radiant Smiles DentistryRadiant Smiles Dentistry

Emergency Dental Care
Even more problematic than a terrible toothache is a necessity for emergency dental care. Every year, a large number of children, teenagers, and adults are involved in incidents that result in dental emergencies.

Time is of the essence in most dental emergencies, and we don’t take this lightly. Call us as soon as a problem arrives, and we’ll do everything we can to provide same-day service or an appointment within 24 hours. Dr. Sheth and the rest of our dental staff will do everything necessary to get you out of discomfort and stabilize your situation as soon as possible. Our highly skilled and caring dentists are here to help you with the best possible care.

When you have a dental emergency, our team is ready to solve the problem and restore your comfort as soon as possible. Whether you have an abscessed tooth, an impacted wisdom tooth, a suspicious spot on your tongue, oral injuries, or broken restorations, we will find a solution, getting the assistance of other dental specialists as needed. Knowing that our team is here to support you and protect your health should reassure you during frightening or uncomfortable situations.

We never want our patients to be in discomfort while waiting for an appointment or to waste time looking for a dentist who can treat them. We’ve got you covered!


Dental services

Emergency Dental Care In Prosper, TX
Accidents Cannot Be Predicted Neither Can Emergencies

General Dentistry
We believe that everyone deserves a perfect smile! And that is exactly what we offer. Our dentists understand all of the factors that go into maintaining your oral health and offer many services for the same.

Cosmetic Dentistry
If a beautiful and sparkling smile is what you want, then we will help you live that dream with our fine skills and expertise. Our cosmetic dentists provide all the procedures needed and also help you understand the importance of the procedures, to bring you the best smile ever.

Restorative Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry is a procedure that is mainly used to replace damaged or missing teeth. It mainly involves the removal and repair of cavities and also treats other oral conditions. The purpose of Restorative Dentistry is to reconstruct the natural shape, look, and even the feel of your teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry
Radiant Smiles offer various diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services for your little ones. We ensure a kids-friendly approach, providing great comfort and confidence.

Root Canal Treatment
There are various reasons for the possible need for a Root Canal. Thankfully, its treatment is not as unpleasant as it is perceived to be. The procedure of the Root Canal involves the removal of an unhealthy or a dead nerve present in the tooth.

Full And Partial Dentures
Dentures and partials are a great option to consider when you need dental replacements. Contrary to popular belief, dentures and partials are much more useful, comfortable, and natural-looking than they once were. Dentures can be referred to as removable prostheses or false teeth that replace either some or all teeth.

Dental Crowns And Bridges
A damaged or decayed tooth can be reconstructed using modern and durable dental materials. Dental crowns have the ability to strengthen a compromised tooth and expand its life.

Tooth Extractions
When a permanent tooth gets severely decaying or damaged, it may be essential to extract it. Unfortunately, despite our diligent efforts, one or more permanent teeth must occasionally be extracted.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom tooth extraction is the most common type of extraction and is generally required for oral health reasons. Once they had a big role to play, but our jaws have shrunk over the millennia as our food has become softer and simpler to chew.

Braces aren’t just for the kids. Many adults are embracing braces to relish a perfect smile. Invisalign® is the perfect option for adults and teens as they are almost invisible. Our expertise with Invisalign® enables us to effectively help our patients straighten their smiles.

You might know that a root and a crown together make up a natural tooth. And when natural teeth and implant-supported replacement teeth are compared, you’ll notice that they have the same basic components.

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Radiant Smiles Dentistry
Radiant Smiles Dentistry


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