Topical Fluoride Dental Care for Children

January 12, 2023, Radiant Smiles Dentistry

Healthy and fit children are most likely to have healthy teeth and gums which is the primary factor for their well-being. Due to the consumption of candies and sugary confectionary, kids are more susceptible to tooth decay for which your search for a kids dentist near me ends here.

The radiant pediatric dentist will help you suggest all preventive measures for tooth decay which eventually results in the number one cause of tooth cavities among kids.

The major dental intervention for building strong teeth as well as protective tooth enamel is Fluoride. To ensure your kid’s cavity-free healthy smile, our reputed dental office of Prosper provides topical fluoride treatment. It successfully helps in fighting the notorious decay-generating bacteria in your teeth.

Fluoride and Its Importance

Fluoride is nature’s gift mineral available in groundwater, plants, rocks, and oceans. Since it is successful in preventing tooth decay and also helps in remineralization by aiding to repair earlier tooth decay, it is generally added to dental products and community water resources. Visiting a pediatric dentist near me highlights the cause of tooth decay in kids. When adults or children drink or eat, the harmful bacteria present in the mouth live on starches and sugars and discharge acids that wear down the enamel, also known as the protective layer on your teeth. This results in tooth cavities and decay.

Kids dentist near me suggests that the magical fluoride enters and covers the enamel and makes it tougher and strongly resist acid attacks. It also reverses early tooth decay by promoting the remineralization of teeth. Topical fluoride treatment helps children with baby teeth by integrating fluoride into the development of their permanent teeth which makes them less likely to have cavities in life. For older kids and adults, Prosper family dentist indicates that fluoride restricts the production of acid and aids with remineralization, preventing cavities for all age groups.

Safe to use Fluoride for Kids

Fluoride consumption in the correct dosage is very safe and healthy. It is highly possible that your child already consumes fluoride from your toothpaste or drinking water. World Health Organisation and American Dental Association have endorsed drinking fluoridated water. But you must immediately consult kids dentist near me if your child has pitting or white spots of the enamel as it indicates mild fluorosis which results from excessive consumption of fluoride since early childhood. 

Our pediatric dentist recommends that fluoride added in hygiene products and toothpaste is relatively low and only protects enamel superficially. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a pediatric dentist near me to receive proper topical fluoride that safely blends in early baby teeth before permanent teeth are visible. Topical fluoride applications are specifically of greater benefit to those children that are living in an area that does not provide fluoridated drinking water and are not having reliable resources for good hygiene and oral care.

How does Fluoride treatment work for kids?

The fluoride amount in topical applications like foam, gel, and varnish is much higher with thousands of ppm (parts per million) and therefore continues to be in contact with your teeth while an ongoing treatment session for a longer time. Our Prosper family dentist cleans your child’s teeth and paints the varnish on them which is totally painless and takes just a few minutes.

Our dental office of Prosper finds that it is faster to apply varnish and is also well-tolerated as compared to other treatments with kids. It is highly suitable for younger children because the varnish hardens as soon as it comes in contact with the mouth’s saliva. So it is very safe that your kid will not be able to lick it off or swallow it at all. Fluoride varnish treatment is so kid-friendly that your child can drink or eat after half an hour and can also brush their teeth after four hours of treatment.

Fluoride Resources for Children

Consumption of tap water is a good source of fluoride for your children along with small doses of mouthwash and toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is recommended to use a rice grain-sized smear of fluoride-based toothpaste when your baby’s early teeth erupt. The quantity can be gradually increased to the size of a pea between three to six years of age. Consult pediatric dentist near me if your child drinks packaged water without fluoride content or if your area’s tap water has no fluoride content.

Radiant Smile Dentistry will assess your kid’s intake of fluoride and might prescribe dietary fluoride supplements or drops if required. Now let us know about the necessity to get fluoride treatment from the dental office of Prosper even if your child can get fluoride from other resources. It is very much essential because most of the kids are still not getting the required amount of fluoride which may put them in danger of tooth decay from a very young age.

We recommend scheduling fluoride treatment for children two times in a year. Ideally, you should visit Radiant smiles dental clinic at age one of your child to know about the requirement of fluoride intake in your child. Our expert Prosper family dentist helps you determine the right stage and age to start fluoride treatments for your child which should be continuously carried on till 16 years of age.

The focus of topical fluoride treatment is on existing teeth within the mouth and helping them be more decay-resistant. Though the influx of fluoride is very necessary for the early developing stage of teeth visibility, fluoride treatments are highly effective for teens and adults as well. Visit our dental office of Prosper regularly for advice regarding the usage of products containing fluoride. Schedule your appointment with our pediatric dentist for a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and gums.

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