Which Is the Better Option Extraction or Root Canal Treatment

February 23, 2023, URBN Dental

Which Is the Better Option Extraction or Root Canal Treatment
Which Is the Better Option Extraction or Root Canal Treatment
Choosing between a tooth extraction and a root canal treatment can be a difficult decision. Learn about the pros and cons of each option, including cost, recovery time, and potential long-term effects, to help you make an informed decision.

Who likes to get a root canal or an extraction? But root canal specialists near me will recommend you one of these options if you have a severe infection in your teeth.


A root canal is a process in which the teeth, the dentist removes the infection from the teeth and cleans it. This almost saves your teeth from further damage. You should find the reason for the problem instead of letting it worsen daily.


When a bacterial infection damages the pulp in the tooth, you may feel pain and discomfort when eating hot or cold foods. If you do not treat the bacteria can multiply and can infect the whole tooth. Many people are unaware that root canal dentist can save your natural teeth from further infection.


Don't ignore if you are suffering from a severe toothache. Ignoring toothache can lead to significant issues, and you may only be left with other treatment options if extracting the tooth.


Which is better?

Addressing the problem earlier is better than treating it with other painful methods like a root canal or extraction. The correct procedure will depend on the case of your teeth and the severity of the teeth' decay or damage. Your dentist will check your problem and suggest what is best for you.

When people choose the procedure, they usually see its cost, pain, and risks. Dentists usually see root canals as a better treatment option for tooth infections. It is the best way to remove the infection from the tooth's pulp and clean it. But there are some exceptions where you may need extraction if the damage is severe.

Benefits & Disadvantages to a Root Canal.

The foremost benefit of a root canal procedure is that your natural tooth is safe. Your dentist will clean the diseased part of the tooth, remove it, and then cover it with a crown to keep it safe from oral infections and safeguard your oral health and smile. It takes more than less time, and everything will be completed in a single appointment.



The drawback of root canal treatment is that only some are good candidates for it. If your tooth is severely damaged and cannot be saved, root canals do not work. It may cost more than the extraction, but after extraction, you may need a replacement, a dental implant, or a bridge to fill the missing teeth area, which may cost more than the root canal treatment.

Benefits & Disadvantages to a Tooth Extraction.

Pulling a tooth takes far less time at the dentist's office than the alternative treatment. Unfortunately, this is only for extraction surgery. Additional sessions are needed for a dental implant to replace your missing tooth. The tooth extraction is far more cost-effective if you don't have dental insurance or the money to pay for a root canal.



The disadvantage of tooth extraction is that it leaves a gap in your mouth, and you will need a replacement. A missing tooth can shift your mouth's other teeth, disturbing the teeth' alignment and your smile. This is why, if a tooth extraction is chosen over root canal therapy, it is strongly advised that the gap be filled with an implant.


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