Burgers and Fries Cakes and Pies Forget to Brush and Each Tooth Drops

June 14, 2018, BlackBurn Dental Centre

Burgers and Fries Cakes and Pies Forget to Brush and Each Tooth Drops
Burgers and Fries Cakes and Pies Forget to Brush and Each Tooth Drops

You go for a group photo but suppress your smile. What will be the end result? A self-conscious and low on confidence person will be staring back at you from the photo. Healthier teeth will make you look happier because you will be confidently flaunting your smile everywhere. Taking care of your teeth is a lot more important than you think because they not only enhance your appearance but also help in keeping you healthy.

Here are some of the reasons which will establish the importance of brushing your teeth twice daily:

Removing Food Particles
This is the most obvious reason and the most important one too. When tiny particles of your favorite foods like pizzas, burgers, and cakes etc. stay stuck in your teeth, they gradually turn into bacteria and start destroying their roots. This not only causes tooth decay but discoloring of the teeth as well.

Maintaining a Fresh Breath
The bacteria which is already being build up in your mouth can cause numerous other dental problems too including bad breath. You definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of anyone by having a bad breath so brush after every meal and go for a sugar-free mint gum for the freshness of the breath.

Preventing Gum Diseases
There is a high risk of building up plaque on your teeth if you don’t brush regularly. Plaque is basically the accumulation of food and bacteria and happens to everyone. If ignored, this plaque can cause Gingivitis which is a yellow lining formed on the base of the teeth. This is an earlier stage of gum disease and can lead to some serious conditions including periodontitis which ultimately causes tooth loss. Thus, take care of your teeth now before it is too late.

Removing Teeth Stains
People who regularly consume caffeine or smoke have a higher chance of having tooth stains. There is a mild abrasive in every toothpaste which removes surface stains including phosphate salts hydrated, calcium carbonate, silicates, and aluminum oxides dehydrated silica gels. The whitening of the teeth can be restored and a number of dental problems can be avoided only when the tooth stains are removed through regular brushing.

Reducing the Chances of Other Diseases
There is always a high chance of the build-up bacteria in your mouth traveling down the bloodstream. They might even reach vital organs like heart or lungs can cause some serious damage. Even in the arteries, they facilitate the accumulation of cholesterol which ultimately leads to a stroke. You need to brush properly in order to control the growth of these bacteria. Some studies have even indicated that poor oral hygiene and gum diseases increase the risk of developing dementia by 30 to 40 times.

Saving Money
When the problem gets out of hands, it always becomes more expensive and troublesome to cure it. Brushing your teeth twice on a daily basis might seem to be a hassle now but in the longer run, it can save you from problems of higher magnitude and expensive bills. At the later stage of your life, you will be left with reduced dental bills and this will be nothing less than a blessing.

Those 2-3 minutes of daily brushing can prove to be life-saving for you and will help you in having a vibrant smile and a confident personality. So eat all your favorite foods but don’t forget to brush otherwise, your toothless days are not far away.

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