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densys3D® is a pioneer in the development of intra-oral Dental scanning systems for use in the dental market. Our offices are headquartered in the Jerusalem Med-Tech park located in the centerof one of the worlds most vibrant Hi-Tech hubs in Israel and were initially seeded by the office of the Chief Scientist of Israel. densys3D’s founder Dr.Moshe Ernst himself a dentist, together with his team of engineers have tailored the 3D scanner to be best suited for dentists clinical needs, to produce an easy to use, fabulous product. The innovative scanning solution utilizes advanced dental imaging technology that allows
dentists to digitally scan and create highly accurate 3D maps of the teeth with a light, portable and slick handheld scanner, and is differentiated by :

a stable system that automatically self calibrates
quick image capture capabilities
fast processing time
immediate results
high accuracy
ergonomic design
small easily exportable file of the 3D map
portability of the entire system.

densys3D Mia3dTMIntra-oral scanning system is tailored to the Dental market and for Dentists seeking automated production of crowns, bridges, implants and prostheses as well as Orthodontists seeking enhanced treatment tools.

In addition to the stand alone scanner system, densys3D offers simple and easy to use CAD/CAM systems integration interface, and also offers its‘ clinicians a full blown turn-key solution covering the complete cycle of Patient - Dentist - Laboratory tooth restoration process.

densys3D is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel and aims to become the premier provider of intra-oral scanners/cameras for the crown and bridge, orthodontics and implant markets. 


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Type: Dental company
Country: Israel
Address: Jerusalem, Hamarpe 3, MedTech Park Jerusalem Israel
Telephone: +972507944535
Languages spoken: English Hebrew

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Densys3D products - 3D Scanner

3D intraoral scanner

Mia3DTM is distinguished in the market by providing several key highlights Cost Friendly Least expensive system in market  One time payment - no monthly fees, no cloud fees, no lab fees No click fees, no hidden fees  Quick Super fast scanning Real time immediate results Easily exportable small STL file Easy User friendly Patient friendly Scan can be paused and resumed at a later time. Automatic Self calibrates if wand dropped or banged even mid scan Light Portable laptop unit Light and maneuverable wand Quality Robust against physical damage Automatic Self calibrates if wand dropped or banged even mid scan Enormous depth of field and can be placed far from the oral tissues to be scanned Open STL file output – without any restrictions Patent-protected technology and proprietary know-how

Price : 0

Densys3D Team

Moshe Ernst

Founder & CEO

Practicing dentist for over 30 years before founding densys3D.

As a practicing dentist, Moshe is very familiar with dentists needs in 3D scanning.

Jacob Pankovsky

VP Business Development

Many years experience in business development in leading companies such as vmWare and Mobileye.

Sami Benoliel

Assistant CEO & Marketing

Alex Faifman


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