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We know that our country is not well known, but we assure you that it would soon change. Macedonia has all the necessary conditions do become leader in dental tourism in Europe and wider.

Here are some facts to contribute to this statement.

Although a small country (with population of only 2 million people) and not yet a member of EU, still, Macedonia is situated in the center of Europe which makes it easily accessible from any other European country. Macedonian people are warm and hospitable, most of them well educated and almost all of them speaking at least one European language.

Dentistry is one of the medical branches that is developing rapidly and successfully in Macedonia.

Our team is consisted of experienced and respectful specialists covering all fields of dental medicine, many of whom have acquired their knowledge and training in some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions.

We always follow the motto “We are not so rich to use cheap materials”, and our imperative is to use only the best materials and apply the latest methods in our work.

All our patients, prior to the intervention, are presented with the certificate for the materials that would be used and are given a warranty for each prosthetic intervention.

We are also aware that you might get doubtful when you see the price list. Why are the prices so much lower than the prices in your country for the same intervention? Is there some sort of scam?

We completely understand your doubtfulness, but you don’t have to worry, because the reason for such low prices is the low standard of living in Macedonia. The average monthly income in Macedonia is £220 – £260. We would really like to work for the same price as our colleagues from abroad, but due to the low standard of living, that is impossible and the prices for our services must be in accordance to the people’s financial abilities.

That may be our disadvantage, but it gives you an excellent opportunity to get European service, top quality materials and a gorgeous smile for a very low price.

Dental tourism is in it's initial phase now, but this will soon change. If you check, statistically, large numbers of patients are already coming to Macedonia from our neighboring country Greece on daily basis, but we would like to expand the trend to all European countries. We are sure that we will succeed in this because of the following reasons:

Not only will you receive first class dental service but, during your treatment, you will have an opportunity to have a nice holiday in our country.

Macedonia abounds with cultural and natural beauties. Here everyone can find something of interest. We have a team of guides that can take you to whichever destination you choose…

You want to taste delicious wine, visit ancient sites and old monasteries, eat traditional dishes or swim in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world…

For more information click on the section About Macedonia.



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