Dental School Personal Statement Writing Tips for Successful Application

March 26, 2020

Dental School Personal Statement Writing Tips for Successful Application
Dental School Personal Statement Writing Tips for Successful Application

Those students who would like to pursue their dream of becoming a dentist should have enough persuasive skills in writing. You may wonder why but the answer is extremely easy. Today, dentistry is one of the most demanding professions in the medical sphere. One dreams of having a decent salary and great prospects as far as such a job does not have a crisis. People will always need to treat their teeth.

To be enrolled in dental school, you have to submit a motivational letter or statement. Thus, for your convenience, we gathered here the most efficient writing tips on how to persuade examiners you are worth it.

Pre Writing Tips: Brainstorming of Your Positive Sides

Do not hurry up writing a statement, you should firstly think about a creative component of any such papers. First of all, remember most of the students would like to choose the path of the least resistance, so you have to exclude being banal. Let’s consider this process as if you write an essay:

Outline. Take a piece of paper, and think about what you have accomplished so far. It may be your school achievements, medals, competitions, and of course, personal strengths. Write everything down.

Think about a hook. You have to draw attention starting from the first sentences. No need to dedicate one thousand words to the introduction of your persona. Make a joke or attach an anecdote that will somehow reflect your life.

Tell your origin story. Remember, one lie will be followed by another one. And, believe us, it is very hard to keep in mind all the discrepancies. Even if you have a tough or cheerful lifestyle, any examiner will still appreciate the sincerity.

Speak to your friends. Sometimes, it is very hard to speak of yourself. Your friends or even relatives know you more than you know yourself. So, do not neglect their help.


Finally, before starting the actual writing, find examples of such statements. It should not be an obligatorily dental statement but similar to other schools or degrees. Pay attention to the language style, persuasive techniques, and how a person ends the statement.

Feel Yourself Professional Writer

You probably know that there are dozens of professional writers who make such statements at bargain prices. It is not humiliating to turn to their help because they save time and nerves. For example, you may run out of ideas or your statement should be submitted urgently. Thus, to not miss a chance, it is the right option to hire a personal statement writer with professional skills that can solve your problem in a few hours only.
If you still believe you have chances to cope with it at sole discretion, feel free to refer to the following standard requirements:

1. It should be one-page only. Note, it may differ in educational establishments, and you had better access to online websites where such a syllabus is presented for applicants. However, 4,500 characters are the most common rule.

2. Answer the question about why they should take you. No senseless information. Everything should be supported by logic that will help examiners understand you are worth being enrolled.

3. Mention what you can change with them. It is always beneficial to attach some food for thought about what you and the dental school can achieve together. For instance, you plan to study prosthetic dentistry to help unprotected population stratum in the future. It can be everything but your real plans;

4. Finish on a good note. Do not leave the impression of crying over the application. Do not try to say you are the best, and so on. Make them understand that you can change the profession for better instead of underestimating other applicants.


When you are done with writing, find someone whom you really trust. It can be your friends or relatives. They will serve your grammatical-sense checkers. Do not fully rely on yourself.

Sometimes, students after hours of writing cannot spot any mistake. So, your beneficiary will tell what and where to redo. And, to crown it all, you can additionally insert your dental school statement to online editors that will bring you more confidence in terms of spelling and grammar.

Now, you can send this statement and wait for the results. If you still hesitate that you can manage it on your own, remember about the help of custom writing services. With them, you buy only stellar papers that pass plagiarism checkers, and that are written by proficient experts who know how to deal with statements for any school, college or university application.

Good luck with your writing, and feel free to refer to the above-mentioned tips whenever you need a basic understanding of statements. You can apply them for any type of assignment. But, remember to be always creative.


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