What are hummingbird flossers?

September 11, 2022

What are hummingbird flossers?
Hummingbird flosser is a device produced by Oral B for interdental cleaning
Hummingbird dental flosser is a battery powered device for cleaning the interdental spaces (areas in between the teeth)

Flossing is one of the oldest methods to keep your teeth free from plaque and debris accumulation in the areas where two adjacent teeth contact each other. Traditionally, flossers have been associated with a thread like structure that is thin enough to be passed between two teeth. This thread or floss when motioned in a sawing fashion can help in keeping the interdental regions clean.


Flosses can be waxed or unwaxed, medicated or non-medicated. They can be used with a handle or without a handle. They can come in different shapes. For example, the conventional floss has a cylindrical cross-sectional, but a dental tape is thinner and rectangular. Advances in flossing has seen the materials used in floss soften and be more gentle to the gingiva. Products like GummyFloss are designed with biocompatible silicon that can be stretched and used in interdental areas of different widths.


Water flossing is currently one of the best techniques we can advocate in order to clean the interdental regions. It contains of a storage tank for water and a cord which sprays the water at high pressure in order to remove plaque and debris through a microstreaming effect.


Hummingbird flosser was a flossing device introduced by Oral-B. It was widely popular before the product's discontinuation shocked everyone. Customers in USA have now launched a petition to bring back the hummingbird flosser. So what is it about the Hummingbird Flosser that has lead to the establishment of its fan base?


Hummingbird Flosser powers itself with AAA batteries. Its design is cylindrical and the 4-inch tall body can be grasped with a dominant command. This cylindrical body can receive two types of attachments. The first is called a dental pick. This is a thin, soft, cylindrical attachment. When placed between two teeth, a tap of a button delivers vibrations through the dental pick that can help in massaging the gums and also loosen up the plaque or debris. The second attachment resembles the traditional dental floss that comes with a handle. Both the pick and the flosser are soft mint flavored.


The attachments resemble the beak whereas the body looks like a hummingbird. Moreover, the vibrational sound makes the product's name more appropriate. The hummingbird flosser was reasonably priced. It also came with interchangeable attachments since each of them were for one-time use.


The discontinuation of the product means that even its attachments are no longer available. The best way to buy the Oral-B Hummingbird Flosser is on online stores like eBay. However, there are two other alternatives of Oral-B's Hummingbird flossers.


What are the alternatives for Hummingbird flossers?


Waterpik is a company that is spearheading the water flossing market. One of its products is the Whitening Power Flosser (FLW-220). It too comes with a soft Nylon tip which is flavored with mint. However, the tips also contain a whitening agent (silica) that also help in brightening the interdental regions. Replacement picks can be bought separately. This power flosser can deliver up to 10,000 gentle strokes per minute.


Another alternative in this family of flossers is the Power Pickster. It is manufactured by Piksters. The flosser's attachment is shaped like an interdental brush. The flosser uses a rechargeable battery. When switched on, sonic vibrations are delivered through the interdental brush-like attachment. A straight and an angled interdental-brush attachment comes with the product. Like the Waterpik Power Flosser, the ultrafine bristles in the Pikster flosser can deliver up to 10000 gentle strokes in a minute.


Hummingbird flossers can be expensive for residents of third world countries. Given their size, mode of action and efficient cleaning, these flossers play a vital role in imparting the habit of flossing. Unlike conventional flossing techniques, customers are more likely to opt for hummingbird flossers. Furthermore, these flossers are immensely useful for patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces) or are denture wearers.


Hummingbird flossers can be used in children as well but only under parental supervision and guidance. In patients with oral defensiveness syndrome or neurological impairments, these flossers can help in providing efficient and quick interdental cleaning. However, only professional healthcare providers like dental hygienists should perform this action. Overall, hummingbird flossers are wonderful mechanical options of plaque control that also help in preventing the inflammation of gums.


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