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Dental Implant placements Perth

DEntal Implant Placements Perth is situated at 79 Moolyeen rd, Brentwood Perth WA 6153 placing dental implants since 1999 over 12 000 dental implants placed Dr JOse NUnes graduated ...

Australia, Perth, 79 Moolyeen rd, Brentwood , 0893154514

Edinburg Family Dentistry

At Edinburgh Family Dentistry, located in Edinburg on University Drive near McAllen, TX, the needs of our patients are the most important thing to us. By offering convenient evening appointments, s ...

United States, Edinburg, 1326 W. University Drive 956-391-2134, 956-391-2134

Salt River Dental Care

If you are bashful about your smile, consider a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ who is specialized in endodontics, pediatric, preventative, and general dentistry. Our dental staff at Salt River Dental Ca ...

United States, Scottsdale, 8600 East Via de Ventura #201, 4809486549


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Unionville Gate Family Dentists

I was one of unfortunate patients of Dr. Ian Erwood from the Unionville Gate Family Dentists as he performed osseous graft and sinus lift in Feb. 2018. At the consultation before the procedure he neglected to tell me that he would not submit a predetermination of insurance benefits before the surgery, so that I know early enough if the procedure is covered. He had not discussed any details of the coverage paperwork. He also refused to consider my opinion on prophylactic antibiotic use for my specific case and prescribed 2 types of antibiotics, corticosteroids and OTC anti-inflammatory drug none of which I ended up using. He was quite rough during the surgery and rushed through it; the shots were very painful. His assistant had teared left corner of my lips while holding it during the surgery. As the insurance rejected the claim for sinus lift, they preapproved coverage for osseous graft to 100%. Since Dr. Erwood failed to include osseous graft into the claim I ended up paying thousands for the procedure. During the post-operative consultation he lied to me that osseous graft charge was a discount which had never been documented as such or discussed with me prior to the surgery. It also had not been mentioned in the claim even though he performed it. If it had or I was made aware of the full amount including the graft and available options I would not have agreed to be his patient in the first place and would find a professional and competent dentist instead. Needless to say, this was my first and last experience with him and none of my friends or family will ever be visiting his office.

Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is an outstanding dentist. His staff is extremely knowledgeable which contributes to a stressless experience when being treated at his office. I can truly say I have never experienced any discomfort at any time during any of my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony Mobasser as the best dentist in Hollywood.

Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

I love Dr. Anthony Mobasser's office! Everyone here is so friendly and very informative. They explain everything they are doing really well and make you feel comfortable. I had two porcelain crowns done and I love the outcome thus far. I couldn't feel a thing and the process was so quick and easy.I would recommend this office and especially Dr. Mobasser to anyone in the area, they really take care of you and your needs.


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Chirurgie Dentaire en Haiti - Clinique Dentaire Belvedere Belvedere Dental Clinic situé à Petion-ville (Port au Prince) Nous offrons un service premium de calibre international

Complexe Belvédère, Angle Rue Chavannes et Clerveaux, etage 6, Petion-Ville 1061
+50928 11 1213

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The need to go to the dentist is never actually planned, especially if you do not follow a check-up schedule. There are many cases in which we need to get some work done but many dental procedures ...

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You go for a group photo but suppress your smile. What will be the end result? A self-conscious and low on confidence person will be staring back at you from the photo. Healthier teeth will make yo ...


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