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Dr. Tina Dorfman Inc.

Dental Clinic Dr Tina Dorfman Inc is a private dental office. We offer a broad spectrum of dental services provided in a modern environment with a personalized, caring approach. Our services includ ...

Canada, Pointe Claire, 6600 Transcanadienne, #801, 514-367-3626

Tulip Medical Supplies

TULIP MEDICAL SUPPLIES is a global dental material supplier, we have been in dentistry since 1993. We have been able to work in UAE – Sharjah City for very longtime and have provided intense ...

United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, Al Narjes Building G.Flr Shp #2, Beside Al Zakhir Tower 1. Al Mamza - Sharjah. adj. Al Arab Mall., +971562561001

Emerald Dental Care

At Emerald Dental Care, we aim to provide quality, comfortable and friendly dental care for your whole family. We understand everyone is different and visiting the dentist can be nerve-racking, whi ...

Australia, Hampton Park, Shop 1, 41-43 Kirkwood Cres, (03) 8768 8466


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Tulip Medical Supplies

They dont joke with their costumers and their products are of very high quality. I like them and their services. Good company to work with... Just that they don't work on Fridays.

Tasty Clean

Excellent all natural product that is great for disinfecting any removable oral appliance. Also, pacifiers, toys, sippy cups, etc.

Dr. Hamed Hakimi und Dr. Dana Anastasiu

one of my front teeth was decayed and the crown fell off. Dr. Hakimi removed the tooth at the same appointment and placed an implant. I got a temporary crown and need to go back in few months time. He is great, never received that kind of service before. thanks to to the practice


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Did you know that more than 700 different strains of bacteria have been found in the human mouth? However, most people have only about 34-72 different types of bacteria taking up residence in their ...

A pulpotomy is a common endodontic procedure in which the pulp of the tooth is removed. This procedure is most commonly done on primary teeth (baby teeth). A pulpotomy can also be performed on an a ...

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No more stinky, foul tasting appliances! Tasty Clean is the first of its kind flavored antibacterial spray that is chemical-free and safe to ingest. Made with food grade ingredients like apple cide

United States
TASTY CLEAN 3400 COIT RD #261644 PLANO,TX 75075
(855) 400-2369

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Visiting your dentist in jaipur regularly and having your teeth professionally cleaned / scaling done makes a drastic difference in your overall health. A clean mouth not only reduces cavities, but ...

  Hence for this, you will need to visit a dentist twice a year for professional cleaning and regular checkup so that you will not face any oral issues like cavities, gum diseases, pe ...

As parents, it’s perfectly normal to worry about our children’s health. That worry extends to how fast they’re growing and how tall they will be as adults. Height gives us an ...

Posted by Dental Magic Ltd

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