Face lift dentistry

September 26, 2014

Face lift dentistry
Planning a Smile Makeover
Analyzing the Face and Smile Proportions

Our teeth do a lot more than help us chew our food. They help to define the shape of our lower face. This is the reason why people get a rounded look or a sunken face when their teeth begin to wear down with age. Face lift dentistry is a specialized service in the field of cosmetic procedures done to improve the overall appearance of the person’s face. You can call it the most effective non surgical anti aging method.


Underlying principle


Face lift dentistry is based on the premise that the entire face can look good only when your bite has been corrected and the jaw is aligned perfectly. This not only increases comfort in daily activities like chewing but also brings out the idyllic shape of your face. This is not just a smile makeover. It even improves the profile of the face giving a more youthful look by addressing issues like wrinkling. In short, this is a face lift through modern high-tech dentistry that makes the scalpel unnecessary.




What sets it apart from traditional cosmetic dentistry is its emphasis on the total face. It involves optimizing the basic tooth structure through correction of overbite, underbite, lengthening of the front teeth and shaping the mouth and face through increase in volume. This comprehensive approach also provides relief from TMJ and jaw pain. An added benefit is improvement in clear speech which is often hampered with the erosion of teeth. The ultimate goal is optimal dental health and providing adequate support to the face, defining the chin and the jaw line.


As there is no surgery involved, it is pain free and does not need any healing time. Veneers do away the need for uncomfortable braces that any way have poor compliance and require regular monitoring. Its salient feature is avoiding unnecessary grinding of teeth that are perfectly healthy. In general cosmetic dentistry, healthy teeth are often grinded to apply crowns.


Made of porcelain, these veneers are customized to individual needs. Though veneers can be made of resin or porcelain, porcelain is preferred in face lift dentistry because of its ability to reflect and shine like original teeth. This offers a more genuine look. In facelift dentistry, the focus is not on just improving the front teeth, it includes all the teeth.


Dental face lift procedure

The first visit, generally involves, an assessment of the existing teeth and areas that need to be addressed. The dentist will work closely with the patient to understand his requirements and basic reason for undergoing this procedure. Medical imaging helps to pinpoint the problem areas and to create customized veneers. The aim of the dentist is to create a tooth structure that produces an aesthetic and pleasing facial rejuvenation along with providing optimal oral health.


The actual work is done in the second sitting where the first step is cleaning, removal of existing crowns and treatment of any underlying gum disease. The custom made veneers are then fixed in place. In some cases, the dentist may first create a temporary structure so that necessary adjustments can be made in the permanent structure as per the patient’s comfort level.


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