Merc Sol homeopathic remedy for toothache

November 28, 2021

Merc Sol homeopathic remedy for toothache
Mercurius Solubilis homeopathic remedy for dental infections
Merc Sol homeopathic remedy for toothache
Merc Sol also known as Mercurius Solubilis is a remedy for tooth pain

Mercurius Solubilis, commonly known as Merc Sol, is a homeopathic medicine that is used for various ailments that involve some kind of inflammation and infection. It is especially effective for mouth, throat, ear and eye infections. It is also used to treat intestine inflammation. Merc sol is considered to be a polychrest medicine which can be used to treat a number of conditions. It may be accompanied by other homeopathic medicines, including Arnica, and the effect depends on individual symptoms and case history of the patient.


Merc sol is constituted from precipitated mercury powder, also known as quicksilver. It is prepared by the trituration process which removes the harmful properties of mercury and brings out its medicinal value.

Merc Sol for toothache issues

It works by stimulating the healing process of the body and cures the underlying cause such as decay, abscess, gum inflammation and so on. It is effective against a wide range of gram negative bacteria. It is especially helpful in those cases where antibiotics do not work. Additionally, it does not have the adverse effects often observed with antibiotic treatment. As homeopathy takes individual differences into consideration it provides a dedicated treatment that leads to complete recovery. Besides toothache Merc Sol is also useful for other oral health issues such as mouth ulcers, mouth inflammation (stomatitis) and oral thrush.

Indications for use

• Merc sol is useful for acute toothache as well as throbbing pain
• Toothache that is accompanied by excessive salivation that may be stringy
• Patient may complain of offensive odor along with metallic taste
• It is also effective for bad breath (halitosis)
• Sufferers may experience increased thirst though the tongue may be moist
• Toothache that worsens on consuming both hot and cold items, that is, thermal sensitivity
• Bleeding, swollen gums and spongy gums indicative of gingivitis
• Loosened tooth due to infection and receding gums
• It can also be used for the treatment of discolored teeth caused by tooth decay
• Treatment of abscess, it causes pus formation in low potency and cures pus formation in high potency.

However, homeopathic treatment cannot take the place of dental procedures such as filling, treatment for fractured tooth and tooth loss due to accidents. But it is a useful remedy for undesirable consequences of dental procedures such as lacerations and cuts. This helps to reduce recovery time. Dentists that incorporate homeopathic treatment in their practice may prescribe Merc Sol for acute complaints. Homeopathic treatment for chronic dental conditions involves a comprehensive treatment protocol. It takes individual susceptibility including mental and physical condition of the patient into consideration.

Potency and dosage for Mer Sol i.e. Mercurius Solubilis

It is available in different potencies ranging from 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M to10M. The dosage is prescribed by a trained homeopath depending on the severity of the condition being treated. Normally high doses may be prescribed once a week, while low potency may be given thrice a day, either with small sugar pellets or drops to be diluted in water. In acute cases, the patient is advised to have Merc Sol every two hours.


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