What are teeth grillz and bling bling removable teeth?

May 12, 2017

What are teeth grillz and bling bling removable teeth?
Bling bling grillz are also known as teeth grills
Bling bling teeth grillz are removable appliances worn by hip hop artists
Vampire bling bling teeth
Teeth grills bling bling in the mouth
Teeth grills on front teeth
This is how teeth grillz look in the mouth

Teeth grills or bling bling grillz as they are more commonly known, have become a rage these days. But what exactly are these? Having made their appearance with the hip-hop culture, they consist of metal grills that are worn over the front teeth. Contrary to expectations, they became a part of mainstream fashion and are quite popular with the youth today.

In fact, teeth grills have become a fashion art where wearers may even choose to have diamonds or other gems fitted on them. Therefore they can range from cheap to very expensive depending on the material and gems used as well as the intricacy of the design. Some may choose to have a single front tooth covered, others may opt for all the front teeth being covered, including the upper and the lower. They are a unique fashion trend popularized by celebrities in which you can be as ostentatious as you wish or simply elegant. But large chunky grills can be uncomfortable and may also cause you to speak with a funny accent.



Dental impact


Its impact on dental health is a question that needs to be looked into. Made of metals like silver, gold or platinum or even base metals, teeth grills are removable jewelry that may be made at the jewelers or at the dentist. Grills made at the jeweler are generally made after taking an impression of the teeth in wax or dental putty. Unfortunately these may be ill-fitting and not very comfortable to wear. However, one can get bling bling grillz made properly at the dentists. As these are professionally fitted, they are likely to be more comfortable and safer for dental health.


There has been no conclusive research on the long term effect of teeth grills. In some cases, where the grills are made of base material, there can be chances of an allergic reaction leading to irritation and inflammation of the gums. It is generally advised to limit their use so as to minimize the chances of dental damage. Eating with the grills in place may leave food debris stuck on the surface. Also regular wear offers a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in the space between the grills and natural teeth causing plaque buildup. It can also cause bad breath, enamel erosion and tooth decay. If you choose to wear them, you need to be particular about maintaining a proper dental hygiene regime.





Dentists advise that the maximum time to wear them at length should not be more than four hours. Further one should avoid eating, drinking and smoking with grills inside the mouth. They should be definitely removed at night, especially if you tend to clench or grind your teeth in sleep. This can not only cause trauma to your teeth but also damage your fancy grills. Bling bling grillz need to be cleaned like any removal dental appliance that goes into the mouth.  But one should not use jewelry cleaning agents as they are not safe for internal use.


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