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Teeth Tattoos

Tooth tattoos, also known as dental tattoos or tatteeth, are engravings or drawings usually situated on the buccal surface of the teeth.

The Philtrum

The philtrum is a vertical groove extending from the middle of the upper lip to the nose. It consists of two vertical ridges with a dip in the middle and defines the shape of the upper lip.

Why every dental practice needs a practice manager?

What are the duties of a dental practice manager and how can the practice benefit from having an office manager?

6 simple tips to improve collections in your dental office

Advices on collecting bad debts and billing patients. Do you have the proper training for collecting outstanding payments?


The palatine uvula is a soft structure at the end of the soft palate that can be easily seen when a person opens his mouth. It is formed of connective tissue and varies in shape and size.

Face lift dentistry

Changing the smile can also mean changing the outlook of the face - soft tissues, profile and lip support. The face lift dentistry concentrates on a face makeover without any extraoral surgical procedures.

Gum bleaching

Gum depigmentation is a painless procedure carried out by the dentist. Also called gum bleaching or gum lightening it helps the dark gums to recover their aesthetic pink color.

Teeth whitening - post whitening advice

Patient leaflet instructions on the dos and don'ts after the teeth whitening procedure. Keep the white diet, do not have red wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes.

Dental Sealants

Teeth sealants are used to cover the deep fissures and pits of molars and premolars and are a great choice for preventive dental treatment.

What is a porcelain fused to zirconia (PFZ) dental crown?

Porcelain fused to zirconia crowns are formed by porcelain being combined with zirconium oxide (ZiO2). PFZ crowns are a great way to restore the function and aesthetics of anterior teeth.

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