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How to deal with teeth abrasion?

Teeth abrasion is characterized by loss of tooth structures. Teeth wear can be caused by overbrushing, clenching, bruxing and malocclusion.

Amalgam Tattoo

What are the amalgam tattoos? Where do they appear and what is their differential diagnosis? How to diagnose the amalgam pigmentation and the dark patches on the gums

All on four dental implants

What does the all on 4 procedure consists of? Pros and cons of the all on four dental implant conception

Teething symptoms - what to expect the first time

Has your baby started teething? Have a look at the symptoms that occur during the teething process.


Operculectomy is a surgical dental procedure that removes the gum tissue flap over the partially erupted tooth.

Pericoronitis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Pericoronitis, also known as operculitis, is an inflammation of the soft tissues that surround a partially erupted tooth.

How to deal with baby teething rashes?

What is a teething rash? Causes of the skin inflammation and how to deal with the teething rashes.

Teething fever in infants

Can baby teething cause a fever? How to deal with the restlessness of your baby during the teeth eruption

Miswak Toothbrush

Miswak, also known as siwak, meswak and sewak, is a teeth cleaning twig made of a tree that used in some Muslim societies. It is an alternative to the conventional toothbrush.

Inclined plane in orthodontics

Clinical orthodontic cases that require inclined plane. Treating malocclusion with anterior inclined plane.

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